Affordable Mid-Rise and High-Rise Condominiums in Bacolod

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The City of Smiles has something to smile about further: Amaia Steps Capitol Central. Condo unit sizes start from 24 sqm.

Amaia Steps Capitol Central

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Another first for Amaia is its first mid-rise mixed-use project in Bacolod, the City of Smiles, called Amaia Steps Capitol Central. Now the people may enjoy the perks and privileges of integration a retail complex right into their residence. Convenience at its finest!

  • P2.7M - P5.2M
  • 24-41 sqm

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Amaia Steps Capitol Central

Take the right step!

Another first for Amaia is its first mid-rise mixed-use project in Bacolod, the City of Smiles, called Amaia Steps Capitol Central. Now the people may enjoy the perks and privileges of integration a retail complex right into their residence. Convenience at its finest!

  • P2.7M - P5.2M
  • 24-41 sqm

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Living in Bacolod

Bacolod is a highly urbanized city that has not lost its laidback charm (thankfully) despite the extent of modernization, especially in the city center. What is good about living in Bacolod City are the three things you have the most: traffic, pollution, and crime. Several things set Bacolod apart from other cities in the country. Bacolod is the busiest city in Negros – perfect for people who want a provincial life but with a vivid city vibe.

Bacolod City is one of the most livable places in the Philippines.

In 2008, MoneySense awarded Bacolod as the Best Place to Live in the Philippines. The local economy, quality of life, and infrastructure are three of the ranking factors MoneySense used. In 2017, the city received the same award from The Conyo Times, a social media group.

Rapid growth in infrastructure and tourism is the main reason behind the recognition. Part of the thriving economy is the rise in housing developments including villages and subdivisions. Residential buildings also abound, making finding affordable condos for sale in Bacolod City easy and rewarding.

While at it, Bacolod is acknowledged as a competitive mid-sized city and most business-friendly. On the one hand, it means lots of opportunities for the locals and new residents. On the other hand, the city is more than ready to cater to those who want to settle in Bacolod City to settle and do business there.

It must not be a surprise that there are thriving expat communities in Bacolod. Aside from the ambiance, another commonly-cited reason for this is the locals’ English language know-how. They don’t feel like strangers when mingling with any Bacoleño – young or not.

Bacolod City has one of the best-tasting cuisines.

The city boasts of delectable Bacolod delicacies. Piaya is the most popular, but Bacolod offers other equally mouth-watering sweets such as napoleones, pinasugbo, meringue, guapple pie, and mango tart (or pastillas de manga). Yummy cakes are also part of the list of pasalubong. Then there’s the savory chicken inasal.

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Further along, the locals find solace knowing that food can be their source of livelihood. The options are diverse also. There are fine dining restaurants on the one hand then, there are hole-in-the-wall budget-friendly carinderias on the other. Pastry and coffee shops are also sprinkled in the place–from high-end to cheaper alternatives. If you want to indulge like the locals, though, look for a kapehan. Every street has one.

Also, the Negrenses have an elegant taste, and they would not compromise when it comes to this. This is evident through several occasions and festivities that the locals celebrate throughout the year. It is also through this that the locals were able to develop their cuisine. Other than that, food also contributes to making bonds stronger and creating lasting memories. It presents an opportunity that no one likes to miss. 

Something worth noting is the provincial government’s push to make Negros the Organic Food Island of Asia. It means a more long-term strategy to prioritize agriculture. In no time, the Bacoleños would be served with the freshest and nutritious meals. This is in line with being the cleanest and greenest highly-urbanized city in the country. An award Bacolod City received from 1997 to 2002.

Bacolod City prioritizes people’s quality of life.

Bacolod is known as the City of Smiles hence the MassKara Festival. This good-natured festival is an emblem of what the Bacoleños live for. For one, in the MoneySense award, the city ranked first in terms of Infrastructure and Quality of Life. The quality of life is higher than in Iloilo and Baguio.

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How the local government preserves the Bacoleños’ expected quality of life is by preventing overdevelopment. The Negrenses are famous for being appreciative of the finer things in life, growing complacent of their lifestyles and surrounding. 

Households with children must not worry about education also. Quality education at all levels is offered in both public and private schools. There are also respectable universities and international schools as well as outstanding healthcare facilities that cater to medical emergencies.

Aside from these academic institutions, there are numerous recreational facilities in Bacolod. Cafe, bars, and restaurants are the standard, but there are also sports facilities, golf courses, and resorts. The Capitol Central is the main commercial hub in Bacolod City that is near a shopping center, seafood market, and ancestral houses to explore. It is also near Lacson St., the nightlife center in the city.

Traffic is the least of the worries of the locals. The city has an excellent road network, allowing high mobility, particularly during the festival as mentioned earlier where streets can get really crowded because of people who want to join in on the fun. Since the city is not too congested, air quality is maintained.

The Manila Times’ top model city in the Philippines is also one of the safest cities in South East Asia. Safety, security, and peace and order are maintained city-wide. Police officials roam the street every night. In 2018, Bacolod City’s crime rate went down by 17%.

Bacolod City has a lower cost of living.

That is, compared with the neighboring highly urbanized cities. The costs of food, other commodities, utilities, and basic services are cheaper than in another metropolis in Negros. When it comes to real estate, rental rates are also typically low. Residents may also gain bigger savings on the fare and other daily commute expenses.

Newer and bigger shopping malls are under construction. Nonetheless, there are also grocery outlets and shops found in the outskirts and other sub-urban areas where you can get all household needs. For the freshest produce, you can get them at the weekend markets where you can also test your haggling skills.

Overall, a household of two can live comfortably with Php20,000 to Php25,000 monthly budget. A comfortable lifestyle without any compromises, especially in terms of quality living, whether you buy a townhouse or condo for sale in Bacolod City because you can afford one.

Bacolod City thrives in culture and the arts.

While it is considered as the gateway to sugar-rich town and cities around Negros Occidental, the town is rich in history. Cultural tourism is one of its important sources of income. The government ensures that there are destinations to appreciate and develop culture and the arts.

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Adding up to heritage and culture are nature destinations such as Mambukal Mountain Resort found at the foothills of Mt. Kanlaon. The resort is just 39 minutes away from the city. Although this is the most popular, there are several other mountain resorts in the place.

Going south, one will find Bago City which boasts of mountain resorts and waterfalls. The two most popular are Kipot and Guintubdan Falls. At the farthest south are a leisure camp, caves, and beaches where travelers may do diving activities. Negros Occidental is a famous diving destination with a depth that ranges from 19 to 82 feet deep.

Talisay and Silay cities are also accessible from the city proper going to the north. The famous Ruins is found in Talisay City. Silay City, on the other hand, is also called the Paris of Negros because of the structures. Here, one will discover well-preserved ancestral houses like the Balay Negrense.

Bacolod City is home to the most hospitable locals.

Anyone who has been in the city can attest how charming and helpful the locals are. Embodying the moniker City of Smiles, the people are usually warm and welcoming. And you can observe this even without an occasion, from the youngest to the folks.

People know everyone. You will soon have many friends as introducing new friends to old friends and vice versa comes naturally. They also prioritize spending quality time with family and friends so expect to attend social events a lot once you live here.

The Negrenses are generous and fun-loving people, so the lifestyle here is very laidback — the southern charm that even the government is working hard to preserve and protect. They are always smiling, and they have a sing-song tone and tilting accent when they speak. It’s hard not to fall in love with the place and, of course, the Bacolodnons.


Condos for sale in Bacolod

Amaia Land offers a mid-rise condo development in Bacolod City. The condo for sale costs from Php 2.7 million to Php 5.7 million. Unit configurations are between 24 and 41 sqm. The 550-unit residential building is located at the commercial district of Bacolod City, Capitol Central, fronting Bacolod Chinatown. Capitol Central is co-owned and co-operated by Ayala Land Inc.