Amaia Land House and Lot for Sale in Tarlac

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Amaia Scapes Capas is located in one of the richest towns in Tarlac. Be one of the owners of these residences with floor areas ranging from 25 to 75 sqm.

Amaia Scapes Capas

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Sprawling on a 21.5-hectare vastness in Capas, Tarlac, Amaia Scapes Capas is the developer’s newest project on this side of Central Luzon. It’s life only made sweeter for the Tarlaceños.

  • P900K - P2.6M
  • 25 - 75 sqm

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House and Lot for Sale in Tarlac

Amaia Land has a residential project in Tarlac—Amaia Scapes Capas. Life is made sweeter for the Tarlaceños indeed!

Affordable House and Lot in Capas

Amaia Scapes Capas is where the sweetest deals happen on this side of Tarlac. The property is located on a sprawling 21.5-hectare land.

To accommodate any family’s needs, the project offers six house designs to choose from. These are bungalow pod, carriage pod, multi pod, single home, twin homes, and twin-pod, totaling to 933 units from 25 to 56 sqm.

Amaia Scapes Capas promises families of a fulfilling abode, equipping the neighborhood with the right features and amenities. It has a basketball court, a swimming pool, a playground, and a village clubhouse. 

Located in McArthur Highway in Brgy. Estrada, the residence is very accessible from the town proper and Tarlac City. It can be reached via the Luisita Access Road, Concepcion Exit (SCTEX), Romulo Highway, or Tarlac-Victoria Road.


Advantages of Buying a House and Lot in Tarlac

Tarlac may be a landlocked province, but there are many advantages this unique circumstance brings to the table, particularly in terms of real estate and physical infrastructure.

1) Tarlac’s tourism is ever-booming

Capas, Tarlac alone is teeming with historical and natural attractions. Perfect examples are the Death March Monument and Capas National Shrine, which is formerly known as the Capas Prisoners of War Concentration Camp. The latter is known for its obelisk that has a bell tower at the center; it was the final destination of the march. Tarlac Museum has an extensive collection of memorabilia.

Furthermore, adventure seekers would appreciate the natural attractions more, including Mt. Pinatubo Crater Lake. It is geographically located in Pampanga, but travelers need to pass through Brgy. Sta. Catalina. Specifically, the ATV rides will traverse the Tambo Lake trail. Monasterio de Tarlac, which is inside the Tarlac Eco-Tourism Park and where the relic of the True Cross is located, is another attraction to visit. Yet another area to explore is Tarlac Recreational Park, a leisure and sports facility.

Aside from these, there are several other mountains worth climbing, whether you are a beginner or a pro. These are Mt. Dalin, the straw hat mountain; Mt. Bueno, with hot springs created by the volcanic heat; Mt. Canouman, known as the mountain of spirits; and Mt. Telakawa, a bigger straw-hat shaped mountain.

2) Business opportunities in Tarlac abound

Tarlac remains to be a province that thrives on agriculture. Sugar and rice are the leading products, although vegetables, root crops, livestock, and poultry products are also in abundance. Establishing agri-related businesses and export-oriented plants is the next best thing 

Luisita Industrial Park remains one of the key providers of employment for the locals since it’s the location of factories and plants producing automotive parts and electronics. There are many commercial complexes as well and tourist-related establishments like resorts, hotels, and entertainment facilities. Currently, there’d been an influx of technology companies as well as demonstration farms.

All these contribute to Tarlac’s reputation as the fast-rising economic powerhouse in the north.

3) Tarlac prioritizes quality housing

The Tarlaceños know what they want for a dwelling, especially their own house and lot. The locals occupied housing units from 10 to 120 sqm. They are also after durable materials for their homes. More than 50% of these units have roofs and walls made from either concrete, brick, or stone.

It is no wonder why residential subdivisions kept on mushrooming throughout the province, particularly those beside the National Highway. It is the perfect place to reside since almost all points going to malls, markets, government offices, etc. become accessible through it. 

4) Tarlac is a cultural hub

Tarlac is known as the most multicultural among provinces in Central Luzon. It is a melting pot where distinct groups like Ilocanos, Pangasinenses, Kapampangans, and Tagalogs reside. Nevertheless, the Kapampangans dominate; hence the Pampanga dialect is the province’s native language.

Speaking of its multicultural nature, the locals celebrate this uniqueness of the province through the Malatarlak Festival. It was later changed to the Melting Pot Festival, but the locals still remember it as merely Malatarlak. In recent years, it was further changed to Kaisa Festival to symbolize the coming together of the cultures.

Aside from this, Tarlac is also famous for its Belenisimo sa Tarlac. Launched in 2007, the goal of the festival is to give the province its trademark festival and transform it into the Belen capital of the country. Belenisimo refers to the art of making a Belen or the Nativity scene. Every year, a winner that exemplifies the most meaningful Belen is chosen. On its first run, Tarlac PNP Office Belen won. 

The oldest cultural celebration in Tarlac, on the other hand, has to be the Chicharon Iniruban Festival. It’s a thanksgiving celebration for a bountiful harvest throughout the year.

Ready for Occupancy House and Lot Listings

A sweet deal for the Tarlaceños, now with six house designs to suit every family’s need for a fulfilling abode

Location: MacArthur Highway, Brgy. Estrada, Capas Tarlac

  • No. of bedrooms: Bungalow Pod (1BR), Carriage Pod (1BR Bi-Level), Single Home (3BR Bi-Level), Twin Pod, Twin Homes, Multi Pod
  • No. of T & B: 1–5
  • Floor area: 25–56 sqm
  • Price range: Php900k–Php2.6 m
  • Lowest monthly payment: Php7,026