Lucena Neighborhood Guide

Also called “The Gateway to the South,” Lucena City is the place for visual and gustatory experiences.

Situated in Quezon Province, Lucena City is known as “The Gateway to the South”. It was formerly known as Buenavista, Oroquieta, and Cotta before it finally became Lucena.

Economic activities are mostly concentrated in poblacion (town) and suburban barangays.

The people are often characterized as among the friendliest and most hardworking in the country.

Lucena City is a visual delight waiting to be experienced. Heritage protection advocates suggest that your first stop should be the historical attractions such as the Saint Ferdinand Cathedral and Perez Park.

Also known as the “Cocopalm City of the South,” the city’s main agro-industrial product is cooking oil. Another famous coconut product is lambanog (local vodka). Handicrafts such as buntal hats are common. Tinapa (smoked fish) is a top product as well.

Aside from the grilled fresh seafood that the locals mostly served during special occasions, you should not miss eating chami, a noodle dish, and minukmok (pounded cassava or banana cooked with milk, sugar and margarine).

Where to bring your friends and relatives:

Saint Ferdinand Cathedral – Built between 1882 and 1884, the interiors of Saint Ferdinand Cathedral is a spectacle of its own with its colorful ceiling and altar that matches the equally visually stunning façade.

Perez Park – It is a sunken park where one can find Manuel L. Quezon Monument and stone-etched map of the province.

Kapitolyo building - A 108-year-old neoclassical, art-deco designed building and located near Perez Park.

Lucena City Hall – An environmentally designed building conceptualized by Felino Palafox Jr. The city hall houses all government services hence a one-stop-shop for the locals. (

Dalahican fish port – It is a place to buy fresh seafood such as gulyasan (striped tuna) and tambakol (yellowfin tuna).

Borawan Island – It is a Boracay-meets-Palawan powdery white sand beach with rock formations. (

Lucban Church – Also called the Saint Louis of Toulouse Church, Lucban Church is a marvelous sight due to its architecture. It was built in 1593 using Spanish-era stone walls known as 'quince-quince'.

Unisan – A strip of over thirty colonial houses. (

Quezon Protected Landscape – This place houses herbal plants, herbal medicines and other handcrafted products. (

Dalahican Road – A road that features vendors of grilled fish skewered in bamboo sticks. (

Quezon Convention Center – A multi-purpose convention center near the Kapitolyo building that hosts concerts and basketball competitions.

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