Pangasinan Neighborhood Guide

Pangasinan takes pride in the gifts of earth and sea, establishing livelihoods for the locals.

Pangasinan has a diverse cultural heritage deeply manifested in its ancient Hispanic churches and miraculous destinations.

One food that is genuinely Pangasinan is tupig, a sticky rice and coconut cake. These are usually sold in public markets for Php5 per piece. Puto Calasiao is another favorite pasalubong, mostly sold near Calasiao Church. Pigar-pigar (deep-fried carabao meat), which is a fusion of bistek Tagalog and sisig served on a sizzling plate, is also a must-try. The gastronomic experience at Pangasinan doesn’t end here, though. The province is also known for its famous bangus (milkfish) thanks to its vast scenic coastlines. Aquaculture is a prominent practice among the local traders.

Pangasinan also has its wide selection of white, sandy beaches, verdant hills with rocky formations, enchanting caves, and clusters of waterfalls.

Where to bring your friends and relatives:

Shrine of Our Lady of the Rosary of Manaoag (Manaoag) – The Shrine has a reputation for creating miracles.

Hundred Islands National Park (Alaminos) – Eye-catching islets that overlook Christ the Savior, with over 120 oddly-shaped islands that are said to be a million years old. (

Sunflower Maze Botanical (Tayug). (

Tondaligan People's Park (Dagupan) . (

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse (Bolinao) – Solar-powered Cape Bolinao is the second tallest lighthouse in the country. (

Bolinao Falls (Bolinao) – Go waterfalls hopping here while marveling at the lush forests of Bolinao. (

Enchanted Cave (Bolinao) – A cave with crystal clear waters inside, full of corals and ancient rock formations. (

Pacific Salt Farm (Bolinao). (

Villasis Bagsakan Public Market (Villasis) – This warehouse-like market is the perfect place to find tupig. (

Urduja House (Lingayen). (

Sison Auditorium (Lingayen). (

Lingayen Beach (Lingayen) – Lingayen Beach is known for its powdery sand shore perfect for walking barefoot while taking in the panoramic view. (

Death Pool – Experience the raging waters of the Death Pool. (

Mt. Batulangao (Balungao) - Famous for its crest, Mt. Batulangao has both cold and hot springs. (

Patar Beach (Bolinao) – Features rock formations as well as fine white sand that turns golden upon sunset. (

Colibra Island (Dasol) - An island with floor-like dunes beneath the water (

Bangrin Marine Protected Area (Bani) – A 42.5-hectare mangrove forest, the area is home to more than a hundred bird species. (

Balungao Hilltop Adventure (Balungao) – An adventure facility for thrill-seekers, featuring adventure rides such as zip line and ATV ride. (

Jacobo's Seafood Grill (Dagupan) – Jacobo's is a restaurant built above a bangus fishpen that serves classic grilled bangus as well as other bangus dishes not immediately available on restaurants in Manila. (

Sunflower Maze (San Quintin) - Inside Farm of Tayug, a 3-hectare farm, is a 2,100 square meter sunflower maze and attractions, the first of its kind in the Philippines. (

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