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6 Rights of Condo Owner

Condo living arrangement is not your typical living arrangement since you live in a communal building. You have to be a responsible condo unit owner. Nevertheless, these responsibilities come with individual rights as an owner. In fact, your rights and responsibilities are the primary information that must be discussed with you by the association or management representative. What are these rights?

Right #1 – Receiving an orientation or turnover kit

A friendly welcome is always good. And as soon as you accept the keys to your new condo in Pasig (e.g. Amaia Steps Pasig), the management must orient you of the condo house rules. If not, it should give you a turnover kit that details your rights as a condo unit owner and the responsibilities that come with living in the unit and building.

If nothing is provided to you, it is your right to ask for a copy of the by-laws so you’d know what you can and cannot do. Once you get a copy of such, read it thoroughly and follow the rules outlined in the by-laws diligently. Obeying the house rules is one way to ensure a harmonious relationship with the management as well as with other dwellers.

Right #2 – Receiving a copy of the monthly association dues

Once you are settled in your new condo, you will start receiving your monthly association dues that you need to pay on time. Failure to pay has consequences you don’t want to experience while living in the building, such as cutting off the utilities. This is your share of the monthly building’s expenses that goes into the cost of maintaining common areas and facilities, including the utilities and security personnel’s wages.

Right #3 – Knowing the association updates

Attending meetings on a regular basis is one of your responsibilities as part of the condo corporation. Always check the bulletin board where the calendar of events is always posted and block the schedules as necessary. Anyhow, meetings are scheduled with dates and times where most dwellers can attend. Make sure you attend the meeting so you may voice your concerns and suggestions if there are any.

If you fail to attend an association meeting (of course, with a valid reason), you must receive a copy of the minutes of the meeting so that you will know what has been discussed or if there are any changes agreed upon by the majority. If no copy of the minutes of the meeting is given to you, you may always request for it. As part of the condo community, this is your right.

Another right that condo owners have is to request a meeting or include an agenda you want the quorum to discuss in the meeting.

Right #4 – Having a peaceful and orderly condo environment

It’s a good thing if the residential building has a noise-limiting feature at every floor or unit. If not, however, it is your responsibility to limit the noise level at your own unit especially if there is an occasion. You and your guests need to be socially responsible. Don’t disturb your neighbors especially at night. Observe proper condo conduct at all times.

With this, it is your responsibility to hold an occasion within the acceptable time and inform your guests about it and what they can and cannot do while inside the premises of the condo building. And even without a celebration inside your unit, keep your sound levels at proper and acceptable limits at all times.

Right #5 – Having clean and safe condo facilities

While you may be aware that you are solely responsible for the cleanliness of your own unit, you should also be aware of your responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and safety of the amenities and facilities inside the residential building. Some owners or tenants are not aware of these responsibilities.

However, it doesn’t mean that you will do the cleaning yourself. It only means to remind the maintenance staff when trash in the pool area must be collected or when some gym equipment are not working properly. If you’ve seen someone breaking any condo property, it is your responsibility to report it before the damaged property harms you, another owner or tenant, a guest or any member of the staff working inside the building.

Right #6 – Having additional service inside the building

Aside from the basic utilities such as water and electricity, you may request for additional service that may be of good use to you and the rest of the condo owners and tenants. For instance, you may request for a internet service or Wi-Fi provider if this is not covered yet.

You may voice this concern during the meeting or have a one-on-one talk with the manager. Mention the ways the additional facility may help the management and residents in general. With this, always make recommendations aimed at the greater good. And of course, your responsibility is to settle payments for any new service.

As a co-owner of the building, you need to protect your interests. You are entitled to some privileges, and yet you are bounded by communally accepted restrictions. However, be reminded that your rights come with responsibilities. A thorough read of the condo rules and regulations will always work in your favor—don’t skip this important step towards more pleasant and meaningful condo living.

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