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6 Things to Do While Waiting for the Move-in Date

Some of us have dreamt of living in a laidback setting like Amaia Steps Nuvali away from the hustle and bustle of the city. For some, it’s already a reality and they are just waiting for the actual moving in date. However, instead of spending your time daydreaming how it’s going to be, you may want to explore your new house and new neighborhood ahead of time. Yes, that’s possible too.

Several steps must be done first. You can do these while waiting for the big day. And no, we won’t talk about packing, changing locks, connecting utilities, changing addresses, hiring a mover, hiring a professional cleaner, etc. Instead, we will discuss the mundane things that we tend to forget when relocating.

A well-thought-out plan not only eliminates stress but can also make the entire moving process more organized. When planning, include tangible goals and give yourself deadlines. Break up the bigger tasks into more manageable tasks. Finally, don’t forget to prioritize the most important things to do.

1) Gather reliable referrals

While unpacking, you’ll realize there are many other things that you aren’t a natural at.

There are people like the handyman or interior designer who can help you with mindless tasks. Although some people think of hiring them as a luxury, the truth is doing things over and over again without getting them right is more costly. These professionals can save you time and energy so you may focus on other more important things to do. Just make sure that the referrers have first-hand experiences with these professionals.

2) Check the home insurance

A home insurance is a valuable asset and it can be useful when you are transferring to a new place. Some providers offer relocation allowance and home assistance, among others. Another coverage is the damage to your personal properties incurred during the move.

With all these, it would be wise to check with your insuring company if your current plan covers these things. If not and if you still have at least six months before moving in, you may ask the provider if it’s okay to change or include additional coverages to the plan so you can maximize its benefits.

3) Visit the locksmith

After changing the locks, bring your new keys to your friendly neighborhood locksmith. Spare keys are important because keys can get lost easily.

Give the spare keys to your spouse or other housemates. In case you lose yours, there is a handy spare key that other members of the household have access to.

4) Check the fuse box

Moving into a brand new house, chances are, the fuse box is located outside, perhaps at the back or garage. Familiarize yourself with it to know which switch controls what. If possible, label its controls accordingly. This way, it will be easier even  if another person works on it.

5) Check the plumbing system

While at it, check the main water valve and the plumbing system. Brand new houses especially those that are built by reputable companies rarely have plumbing issues. However, it will not hurt to double check.

Look for leaks and broken parts then find a solution accordingly. Change anything that requires replacement since they may lead to bigger problems in the future if you don’t address them now.

6) Steam clean carpets

This one’s different from doing a deep cleaning of your new house. You’d do the latter when it is still bare. Once it is thoroughly cleaned, of course, you would want the things you’d put into it as squeaky clean as possible as well. Ccarpets collect dirt, dust and debris that you don’t want to include in your new house.

Carpet cleaning is the solution. But you need to do this before moving the pieces of furniture inside. You know the drill; you may DIY (do-it-yourself) or hire another person to do it for you. If you choose the first route and yet you don’t have a steam cleaner, you can always borrow from a friend who has one.

Moving into a new house can be both fun and stressful. But you can always minimize the level of stress involved in preparing ahead of time. The final thing to do is create a to-do list. Plan the needed work well. Don’t wait until the move in date is just two to three days away before you engage in preparing your new home. You can always do this as soon as you sign the acceptance letter!

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