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8 Organizational Tips for an Easier Move In

Buying a condo in Quezon City like Amaia Skies Cubao or anywhere else for that matter is the first step. And the second big step? Moving in! Packing up all your personal belongings, transporting, unpacking and arranging them in a matter of few daysis no easy feat. In reality, moving can be the biggest organizational challenge in your lifetime particularly if you are one of those who thrive in clutter.

Do you want to experience a more organized move? Try these practically proven tips.

1) Have a moving notebook

Even if you initially thought you are not going to need this a notebook dedicated to the move will be handy. It doesn’t have to be a fancy journal. One with a holder or envelope inside where you can stash business cards and receipts is more appropriate. It can be a binder. Your call.

How you will use this jotter is up to you. Basically, you can scribble down anything about the move into a checklist so that you won’t forget anything. Think of it as your easy reference when purchasing necessary furniture pieces and electrical appliances. You can also use it to schedule appointments with service providers (i.e. cable and internet) if these are not included in the developer’s deliverables. Surely, there will be provisions for these services in your new condo unit.

2) Prepare all the packing tools

It will be easier for you to move from room to room if you can gather all the packing tools in one basket or bucket. Tools like markers, tapes, scissors or cutter, wraps and labels are among the things you will need. If you need wrapping papers, you may use kraft papers or unprinted newsprint on items you don’t want to get soiled because anything wrapped in inked newsprint can get dirty. Add anything you think you will need like zip-top bags where you can put small items like toys and paper clips.

The single most time-wasting activity during the move is searching for tools you need in packing and unpacking boxes. With all the packing essentials in one place, you can be more efficient with your time.

3) Prepare the boxes

Although boxes are a moving staple as well, you cannot put them in the boxes. Put them in one accessible corner instead. If possible, use like-sized boxes for similar items, which means you need to prepare boxes in assorted sizes to accommodate everything.

Lighten up the boxes. Don’t force putting everything in a few boxes because you worry about the cost. A box can be handled more efficiently if it doesn’t exceed 50 lbs. when fully packed.

4) Prepare labels for the boxes

When moving, you will definitely need stacks of labels. Again, you need not spend for this but if you have to, make sure that you can maximize their use. A perfect example is to buy a few sheets of plain printable sticker papers where you can print or write down the intended labels. You will save a lot for extra tapes.

As you write labels, be descriptive as you possibly can. As you pack each box, slap the label on the upper left-hand corner because that’s where everyone looks first. Do this on all sides. Never put ‘misc’ (for miscellaneous) on the box, or you will end up having about ten boxes labeled with misc. Lastly, have an inventory of what things you put in which boxes.

5) Use the A-B-C system

While at it, make sure to follow a system when packing and unpacking boxes. A word to the wise: You don’t have to unpack everything on the first few days after the move. You can put a label like ‘PRIORITY A’ for essential items, ‘PRIORITY B’ for important but not that crucial things and ‘PRIORITY C’ for seasonal items like Christmas décor. Unpack according to priority.

Pack as early as you possibly can. Tackle the areas where infrequently used goods are stored such as the attic or garage. Try to pack one to two boxes per day. In ten days, that’s ten to twenty boxes.

6) Get rid of the clutter

Leave everything you need to leave behind. First, dispose of anything broken like toys and tools. You cannot use them anyway. Second, discard old clothing and toys. You may sell them or donate them to the charity if they are still in good condition and usable.

Refrain from moving anything you don’t need. Other than being physically unnecessary, it would be expensive to move these things especially if you are going to hire a mover. In this way also, you can also maximize the space in your condo, devoting it to the most valuable items. If you are not using them now, chances are, you won’t be using them in the near future. So let them go.

7) Don’t scrimp on the moving service

Speaking of hiring a mover, always choose a reputable provider. Pick a moving company known for its excellent service. Selecting a firm that is inexperienced and unreliable is only a waste of time and money. Also, understand what you are paying for. Some companies include packing and unpacking as part of the package.

Nonetheless, you can always enlist all the help you can get. For sure, your relatives and friends would love to help you pack and unpack if they can. Let them help you. If your kids are old enough, perhaps, you may designate light chores to them. No handling of breakables, though.

8) Pack the essentials last

Having a ‘survival kit’ cannot be emphasized enough. Of course, you know what it is, right? Your kit shall contain the family essentials—all the things every family member will need on the first day and night in your new condo. Examples are non-perishable food, bottled water, plates, utensils, fresh towels, clean clothes, flashlight, and blanket. If stashing all these things in one kit is not possible, consider having a kit, box or bag for each that they can hand carry if they want.

If you want to include them in the moving van or truck, the kit must be the last one to go inside, so it’ll be the first to be taken out. Make sure there’s one room or area in your new condo unit that you can set up quickly. This will be everyone’s quiet retreat—a go-to place when someone needs to break from all the unpacking and rearranging that’s going on.

Moving in doesn’t have to be a stressful, chaotic event in your life. It should be fun instead because it marks a new beginning. In keeping your sanity during the entire process, experts say that it should be an organized, informed move.

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