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A Rundown of the Best Batangas Tourist Spots

It’s definitely more fun in the Philippines. How much more when you get to enjoy breathtaking sceneries in Batangas’ different tourist spots? Generally, people who are living in Batangas, such as Amaia Scapes Bauan, can testify how impressive the location is. From its natural attractions to manmade attractions, Batangas has its fair share of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. What’s not to love visiting in such places, right?

Knowing where and which place is worth your time, effort, and money is an advantage, and thanks to different travel apps, these information are easier to access. If you happen to search for top tourist destinations in Batangas, we list down some places you must never miss to visit.

Natural attractions

If you want to experience extreme sports such as diving, Anilao is best known for its diving spots. This place became famous because of its magnificent underwater photo opportunities. Moreover, the place is also ideal for scuba divers since it offers the “natural high” that makes the adventure more fun and exciting.

You will be impressed how Calatagan Mangrove Forest Conservation Park has about twenty species of mangroves, a wide variety of shellfish and crustaceans, and a variety of bird species. The place also has a lot of nests in the area for the guests to feed the birds while in the vicinity.

There’s nothing more exciting than trekking Mt. Batulao. In fact, the mountain is one of the most favorite destinations for hikers. Also known as the rolling hills, the mountain stands at 811 meters above sea level, making it a difficult trail for those adventurous enough to climb to the summit. However, reaching the top of Mt. Batulao is very rewarding, as you can enjoy a spectacular view of Batangas.

Taal Lake and Volcano is the epitome of a unique natural wonder – being the third largest lake in the country, it cradles an volcano with a crater lake within. The place is also a home to fifteen species of migratory fish and four species of endemic fish, such as tawilis and maliputo, and reptiles like duhol, a fresh sea snake. Taal Lake and Volcano is also known as the heart of the province of Batangas; hence many tourists visit this place.

If you’re looking for a nearby getaway, Batangas has accessible beaches to flaunt. One of which is located in a charming island south of Batangas, Tingloy Shoreline is best for a beach vacation with your family and friends. The beach has fine white sand with clear blue waters. The place is also perfect for diving in shallow waters to see green coral gardens, ample pelagic fish, and shipwrecks, which captures well for underwater photos.

Visiting Verde Island Passage is great for people who appreciate the marine life. The place is popularly known as the center of marine biodiversity because it has the greatest concentration of marine species in the Indo-Malay-Philippine archipelago. If you wish to study or explore more about different marine species in the island, you need to contact the tourism officer of Batangas City.

Man-made attractions

Lago De Oro is a place where wakeboarding enthusiasts meet. It has a unique cable system designed for wakeboarding, wakeskating, and waterskiing. First timers don’t need to worry since they offer wakeboarding lessons. Professional instructors will teach you the proper posture, safety, and other guidelines related to the sport.

Interested in cars, motors, and racing? Then, Batangas Racing Circuit is the place to be. The track is about 2.9 kilometers long and 600 meters wide, claiming the title as the biggest race track in the Philippines, where car lovers and racing enthusiasts converge for their weekly racing event.

Fantasy World is a great family destination, since it is an entertainment facility designed after other theme parks that are already existing. It is located on the top of a mountain ridge overlooking the clear views of Taal Lake and Volcano, making it a more appealing and exciting place to visit.

Batangas Country Club is the perfect place for a relaxing vacation. It is a first-class international port, rich in culture and heritage, adapting the country-style resort vibe with modern hotel facilities. The country club also offers different promos, such as the weekend escape promo, wedding promo, and videoke party promo, guaranteed to be worthwhile deals.

Generally, having a great time with your family and friends is not just about what places you visit together or what food you enjoy eating the most. It is also about how you make the moment more memorable for everyone. With that, your bonding moments in Batangas, especially if spent with the right people, are definitely one for the books.

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