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Benefits of Living in Quezon City

Considered as the most populous city in the metropolis, Quezon City, dubbed as the City of New Horizons, is far from being just the location where the historic People Power Revolution event occurred. There are a lot more reasons why this city is slated to be one of the country’s premier spot for residential living.

Admittedly, Makati may be considered as the country’s financial juggernaut, and it is precisely because of this why the city may have gotten too cramped over the years. If you are in the market for real estate properties, perhaps it is high time to head north and discover what hidden gems Quezon City – the largest city in Metro Manila – has for its many would-be immigrants and its existing residents.

Hailed as the hub of the country’s information technology and entertainment industry, you can be assured that there is never a shortage of job opportunities as well as recreational activities if you choose to live either in a condo in Quezon City or a residential lot.

Before that, you may want to know a thing or two about the many advantages of living in Quezon City.

It is an ultimately progressive locality

Without a doubt, Quezon City is teeming with employment opportunities owing to its good economic outlook. In almost every nook and cranny, you can find BPO companies, IT parks and buildings, local media networks and local and international corporations. These various companies have given residents a myriad of job options to choose from.

It has world-class schools

Individuals with kids will be pleased to know that Quezon City has an abundance of prestigious academic institutions. Additionally, parents who are concerned about schools getting inundated during the monsoon season can appease their anxieties by enrolling their kids in Ateneo University or Univerisity of the Philippines. Katipunan, where these two are located, does not flood hence the likelihood of getting stranded is slim.

Its food scene is incredibly diverse

Quezon City does food like no other region or city in the Philippines. There are a lot of food concepts to choose from – from traditional to contemporary. Party-goers would especially love the strip in Maginhawa Street as some of them would stay open well into the wee hours of the morning. If you are a foodie with a discriminating palate and a penchant for diverse food, you will enjoy the food joints in Quezon City, too.

Its medical facilities are superb

In Quezon City, your health is of paramount concern as there are innumerable leading medical institutions with different specialties. The Lung Center of the Philippines, Philippine Heart Center, National Kidney and Transplant Institute and one of the best private hospitals, St. Luke’s Medical Center are found here. It is not only in private hospitals where you can get quality care as even public hospitals are getting more and more competitive through the local government’s efforts in improving city health care.

It has space for everyone

Quezon City’s total land area is over 161 square kilometers. Essentially, there are various residential options you can choose from, from towering condominium buildings to residential areas. Unlike the rest of the cities in the metropolis, Quezon City has a suburban ambiance that does not make you feel cramped and stifled in a bustling and incredibly progressive city. Thus, it is an ideal place to raise a family and foster good memories.

Living in a forward-looking city does not have to come with all the stress especially when you choose Quezon City as your next place of residence. Apparently, the city has an outstanding reputation for the city to become a reasonable area for residential living. But if the benefits stated above fail to sway you, then perhaps the accolades it received from London Financial Times might.

The London Financial Times ranked the city as one of the top Ten Asian Cities back in 2008. It ranked third in cost effectiveness, fifth in best economic potential, and tenth in quality of life.

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