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Bring Good Luck Into Your New Condo

Now that all your bags are packed and ready to move into to your brand new condo in Amaia Skies  Avenida or any residential building in the metro, what’s the next best thing to do? Well, it pays to bring some lucky charms into your new abode. After all, it’s all about starting life anew, right? The goal is to clear the space and fill it with positive energy. Not to mention, rituals are fundamental to our culture. Our version of space-clearing boils down to a house blessing with containers filled with salt and rice. These things are symbolic which means living in prosperity in the coming years.

And indeed,even those who aren’t feng shui believers will benefit from the insights below.

Unpack the ‘happy memories’ first

As fascinating as it sounds, Master Hanz Cua says one compelling way to feel at home right away is to unpack the things that remind you of a happy memory. It could be your favorite toy, a family picture or your life motto on a frame. It will feel like home the soonest you get it out of the box.

Hang paintings on the wall

If you need to hang the artwork, make sure that it’s not disturbing and dark for onlookers to take. You will see this art piece on a daily basis,thus, it can affect your subconscious and weaken the positive energy in you. Refrain from projecting images that suggest loss or fear. Instead, hang images of blue skies or calm waters. Any happy image will do, making the ambiance feel lighter and better.

Bring in new furniture pieces

Ideally, buy new pieces of furniture if you can. The conventional route is selling old ones to buy new furniture pieces. If this is not an option, you may at least give your furniture a thorough cleaning. The process is like making it ready for a new life in a new home.

When arranging the furniture, make sure that the flow of positive energy is not blocked. In feng shui, the term poison arrow refers to the wrong placement of furniture in corners which can affect the person’s energy negatively. This is especially so when the person hits any corner.

Never place your sofa or cabinet where it may block the hallway. Otherwise, the item may prevent the free flow of energy which enters the door and into various areas of the condo unit. Blockage of the energy flow path may lead to problematic relationships, unprogressive career, clogged cash flow and other bad luck.

Open the door fully

Speaking of doors, open all doors inside the condo thoroughly especially on your first day. Do this for the windows too. Check the hinges; they should be well-oiled, and there shouldn’t be any squeaky or creaky sounds. Don’t paint the door red because it is the first and last thing you see when leaving and arriving at your unit. This will make you feel tired and exhausted.

Put plenty of plants

In any dwelling, it is advisable to put plants inside particularly those that can purify air. However, you need to be mindful of where you put the plants in actuality. Uncluttered areas or corners are the perfect way to go so energy could flow from these plants freely to the rest of the unit. Plants with round leaves are better than those with spiky leaves since the latter also lead to poison arrows.

Discard broken items

Such practice specifically applies on kitchen items. Throw away broken plates, saucers, bowls, glasses and cups as well as broken kitchenware. Discard broken appliances too. The same applies for broken mirrors. And don’t even think of carrying them into your new house thinking that they can still be repaired. Replace them.

Place a mirror in the dining area

Most of you will agree that the dining room is the heart of any home. This is an area where abundance often manifest. To reflect wealth, place a mirror where it reflects the table. While at it, put a big bowl of fruits at the center. Alternatively, you may choose to hang a painting with round and golden fruits.

Moving into a new home means a chance of starting something better. Above are some of the things you can do to invite or bring good luck into your new condo. While these are not hard-and-fast rules, the goal is to making your new home a pleasant place to live in.

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