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Should You Buy a Home Near the Airport?

Although this won’t appeal to many,, buying a home near the airport has perks and privileges. It can be beneficial to some while not for others.

If the same question is bugging you now, below discussion may help you in deciding whether to buy a property like a condo unit in Paranaque like Amaia Steps Bicutan.

1) Are you a frequent flyer?

Factoring the travel time to and from the airport is a must when traveling. Living near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is a-okay if you travel often. This is particularly helpful to those people who travel for work.

Finding a cab is easier since NAIA is connected to various public transportation lines. There are loop buses that travel from NAIA 1 to 3, with strategic bus stops. Transport companies also operate for 24/7. And the fare is minimal compared to riding a cab from your place to the designated terminal.

Not to mention, the roads leading to the airport, pavements, flyovers, expressways, and highways are well-developed and well-maintained.

With this, you won’t be late for the flight because you won’t have to deal with traffic and parking. You will spend less time traveling and more time packing and relaxing afterward. Finally, you’ll be able to rest faster since you get home really quick.

2) Can you tolerate noise?

NAIA is also the busiest airport in the country, having one domestic and two international terminals. Noise pollution is the most pressing concern when buying a home near an airport. But there is a way around it.

If the house or condo you are planning to buy is not under or very near the flight path (arrival or departure), it can be a value-adding feature..

Before you make a purchase, make sure that you evaluate the noise levels in the vicinity. Determine what the peak times are and how low the planes fly during these hours.

If you can ignore the rumbling of the planes landing and taking off, the noise may not be a nuisance. If you get easily disrupted by sounds, then an airport neighborhood is not for you.

3) Are you at risk?

Apart from being an inconvenience, noise can also affect one’s health. Based on a study, the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases is 2% higher on people who were consistently exposed to high levels of noise.

Good thing, in the Philippines, aircraft noise is regulated to follow community noise standards. The Aviation Noise Limit Act of 2007 sets minimum noise limits to protect the residents living near NAIA, among other airports.

On the other hand, living near the airport can also improve quality of life. Developments happen in and around tair terminals. These areas are bound to emerge as both residential and commercial destinations. Expansions are commonplace from retail establishments, business centers to entertainment zones.

As with all properties for sale, location matters. House and lot or residential building within or near business districts, transport hubs, and shopping complexes can increase property value as they entail ultimate convenience. If it’s near an airport, however, other factors must be considered.

When evaluating a property near NAIA or any other airport in the Philippines, look at the pluses and negatives before you make an actual purchase decision. Living near the airport means a great reduction in travel time thereby saving substantial time. On the downside, noise is a real concern although this might depend on the proximity to the airport. Bottom line, be honest with your needs and wants since the decision can definitely affect personal satisfaction.

If it will help, try to talk to people who are already living in the vicinity. Observe the quality of life of these people, then, decide from there.

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