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CamSur Travel Guide

A humble and unassuming province situated in the Bicol Region, CamSur is the largest among the six provinces of the region – both by population and land area. With this massive land area, one can expect various traveling opportunities. As a result, it is one of the Philippines major tourist destinations with a potential for being the premiere site for water sports. The province also plays host to several natural wonders – an appealing feature both to local tourists and foreign travelers.

So, if you are thinking of spending a lifetime on a perpetual holiday, owning a house and lot in CamSur may just be the perfect spot for you. Or, if you are perhaps looking for a travel opportunity, a visit to this local wonder would satiate any thrill-seeker’s thirst for adventure and any nature enthusiast’s penchant for the outdoors.


There are two travel options one can choose from when traveling to CamSur from Manila – either by plane or by bus. Booking a flight is vastly preferable as it would take you to your destination quicker at only 45 minutes per flight.

However, if you prefer traveling by land, you can find a daily bus commute in Cubao Terminal or Pasay Bus Terminal. Traveling by bus is more affordable as it would approximately cost you Php600 to Php800 pesos per trip (though this rate may be relatively higher during the peak seasons).


Getting around Naga City can be easily done on foot. However, if walking is not an option for you, the city’s main modes of transfers are jeepnies and tricycles. Taxis are also available within the city. For areas excluded from jeepney and tricycle routes, trisikads (pedicab) are also available for shorter rides.



1) Camsur Water Sports Complex

One of your stops should include the place that made Camarines Sur so popular. Located in the provincial capitol complex of Cadlan, this water sports complex features almost every water sport you can imagine. Wakeboarding and water skiing are just a fraction of the activities you can do here. For those looking for sports that do not involve getting wet, the park features motor cross, skateboards, and BMX trails as well.

2) Our Lady of Penafrancia Church

For travelers looking for a historical and cultural aspect of their trip, head on over to this church which was built in 1711 by the orders of Rev. Miguel Covarrubias. The church’s architecture and the fact that it houses the image of Our Lady Penafrancia is enough to lure any tourist with a liking for culture and history.

3) Adiangao Cave

Spelunking aficionados can get their fix in Adiangao Cave, which has a 300-meter canopy that stretches onto the mountains of Calingan. Stalactite, stalagmite, dripstones, and gigantic columns are just some of the things you can see in this cave.

4) Mt. Isarog National Park

The park features innumerable waterfalls and plays hosts to the beautiful falls with crystal clear waters, Malabsay Waterfalls. Additionally, trekking is an activity one can do in Malabsay Falls considering its close proximity to Nabontolan Spring and the National Park.

5) Caramoan

This is probably the reason why most tourists flock to Camarines Sur. Caramoan is one of the country’s best beaches as it offers a picturesque and scenic view worthy of postcards. A fun tidbit about this place is that a lot of Survivor shows were filmed here.



Never leave the province without trying some of their gustatory delights which would surely take you on a gastronomic adventure. Naga City is where tourists flock to get a sample of the city’s spicy culinary fare and culture. As a traveler, immersing yourself in the beauty of the province is incomplete unless you give your taste buds a spicy delight. Here are some of the best restaurants you should try.

1) Geewan

For a sample of the province’s most famous dish, head over to Geewan where you can have the best spicy fare in the entire city. Apart from the piquant meals, diners can also enjoy other delectable meals such as laing (dried taro leaves with coconut milk) and other carinderia-types of food cooked the traditional Bicol way.

2) Quality Bakeshop

Get your Filipino breakfast fare and staple in this quaint bakeshop that offers you a steaming and rich cup of chocolate goodness locally known as tsokolate to complement your bread and cheese. Having your first meal in this bakeshop also gives you a view of the national park, making it a great spot for a hearty meal.

3) 3N Bakery

If you are looking for a different take on your siopao or Chinese steamed buns, head on over to 3N Bakery where you can get them toasted. The perfect afternoon snack! Complement it with your favorite soda or hot soup and you are good to go.

CamSur offers a lot of things for both local and foreign tourists alike. So, if you have the chance, pay this province a visit on your next holiday. And, if you truly want to immerse yourself in province’s rich history, culture, and natural wonders then perhaps, the travel guide above will give you an idea as to where to start your journey.

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