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Choosing the Right White

White is not for everybody. We all just make the simplest mistake of choosing white because it’s the safest and cheapest choice. Not because you are able to invest in an affordable condo means you should scrimp on other areas. Don’t get us wrong. There is nothing wrong with white walls. Its simplicity is so dynamic. What’s wrong is pushing for the wrong white. White comes in almost fifty shades. Yes, you read it right. Thus, picking the right white is a serious task as well.

Here’s how you should go about the selection process.

1) Learn the nuances in white

As already noted, there are several shades of white to choose from. Some whites are whiter than the others. Whites also have very distinct undertones that may impact how it is actually viewed when already painted on the surface. The best way to distinguish the whiteness of a shade is to take samples and hold them against a white paper. In this way, you’d know how complex the shade is.

2) Size up the existing furnishing

Before selecting the preferred shade of white, look at the room. Focus on the existing colors of the furnishing including the carpets, curtains, and other decorative pieces. You need to do this because our perception of white may vary depending on the colors that surround it. Let this be your guide.

3) Gauge the lighting

Aside from the existing colors, the lighting – natural or artificial – also affects the tones of the white paint. Pure white will be at its best with more natural light, and it will appear pigmented when subjected to more artificial light. This will differ if you are living in a high-rise or mid-rise condominium building like Amaia Steps Bicutan, for instance. It also depends on the specific location of your unit.

4) Test the chosen shades

After choosing the preferred shades, it is high time to put it to test. Use movable swatches if you aren’t comfortable painting your walls with samples, and choose the bigger ones. Or, you can use a fabric and tack it to the wall before painting it with your chosen shade. Again, the whiteness of the selected shades may be affected by exposure to colors and lighting. So, make sure to observe the samples within the room you want white painted on and observe them at different times throughout the day. Observe how all the colors jive with the white then, decide whether to keep the shade or move on to another.

5) Consider sheen, too

How the white paint reacts to the light also depends on its sheen. You have at least six choices namely matte, flat, eggshell, satin, semi-gloss, and hi-gloss. Nevertheless, the best combination is matte and semi-gloss walls because it emphasize the quality of being white.

With the availability of various shades of white, selecting the right white for your walls can be somewhat tricky. In the end though, it is often your comfort level regarding that particular shade of white. If it feels wrong, then that white is not for you.

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