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3 Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Moving into your new Amaia Skies Sta. Mesa condo can be truly stressful. If this is your first time to move in, it would be wise to arm yourself with the right knowledge so you would know what to expect and which common moving mistakes to avoid. We listed three common moving mistakes below.

Common moving mistakes

1) You procrastinate all the time

Although you think that moving to a new place requires planning, you feel like you have it all figured out. You think that everything will come together as quickly as they should be when you start packing your things. After all, it will just take a day (or at most, two days) to pack all the items so you don’t really need to do all the packing early.


How to avoid it: PLAN AHEAD

Relocating to another place requires several steps and the actual packing and transporting of boxes are the two most time-consuming processes. Thus, you need to plan ahead of time. You need to get started as early as one month before the move-in date especially if you are going to move during one of the busiest times of the year.

2) You fail to do an inventory

Over the years, you were able to amass an impressive treasure trove of clothes, magazines and other knick-knacks (almost to the hoarding level). Minimalism is not in your vocabulary, and leaving all these things behind is not in your scheme of things. You’ve packed all your stuff in trusty boxes and you have no idea what’s inside of them.

Not the way to go!


Spend a few days going through all your stuff to identify which among the items are still needed and which ones can be discarded. Get rid of all the things you don’t need. Doing so will save you time and money. You may sell, give or donate your items. After you sort your stuff, don’t forget to label the boxes as you pack so you’ll know which boxes need unpacking first.

3) You think DIY means saving

You have a lot of friends who can lend you a helping hand come your moving day. They have vehicles that you can borrow during that day. This will save you lots of money in the process.



First, it’s good that you have many friends but you are not really sure how many of your friends will show up on your actual moving day. Second, if a friend allows you to borrow a vehicle where you can stash all the boxes, that’s good.

However, the viability of this option still depends on the number of boxes that need hauling and the distance (and amount of traffic) that must be factored in during transit. What if one of your friends drops a box of valuables while loading it into the van? What if a portrait gets damaged during the transit? What about the costs of replacing these damaged items? See? DIY is not always about saving money because you might end up paying more.

Factor all things, even the small details, when you move in. If planning is done right, then there’s no room for last-minute panic.

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