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Developer prioritizes mobility of residents

By: Manila Bulletin

All livable communities place the mobility of people at the center of their infrastructure planning. Prioritizing accessibility not only ensures safety for pedestrians but also encourages private car owners to use public conveyances, which means less vehicles adding to the traffic congestion.

This explains why affordable real estate provider Amaia Land continues to build developments that are accessible and promote connectivity.

With Filipino families and professionals opting to buy homes that are close to key establishments and entryways, the developer builds their properties near major roads, growth areas, and transport hubs. This minimizes time spent on the road, allowing homeowners to reduce fuel consumption and cut down on their carbon footprint.

The developer likewise includes pedestrian and cyclist-friendly facilities in its developments such as bike racks. This encourages homeowners to consider biking — and even walking — to get around the vicinity.

To facilitate pedestrian mobility within Amaia Scapes communities, the developer also provides alleys and waiting sheds. Residents may likewise hop on shuttles (in some projects) for a smooth and convenient commute to their destinations.

Finally, Amaia Skies and Amaia Steps, its high-rise and mid-rise developments, feature retail arcades to serve the basic needs of homeowners.

It puts a premium on convenience and accessibility because these are what Filipino families constantly seek in their dream homes.

“We commit ourselves to the bigger goal of giving homeowners a chance at sustainable living by adopting measures that not only improve pedestrian experience but also benefit the environment,” said Nikie Lingad of Amaia Land.

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