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Easy Ways to Get to Know Your Condo Neighbors

Understandably, the first few days in your new condo unit in Amaia Steps Bicutan or any other condo will be full of awkward lobby and elevator encounters with unfamiliar faces. This shouldn’t be the case because a residential building must be treated as a community.. In fact, this setting should encourage you to get to know your neighbors better.

How can you get to know your new neighbors?

Chat with someone

Strike up a conversation whenever you have the opportunity to do it.

The elevator is the perfect place for this. Tell your new neighbor you think she has a cute dog. or maybe. Help out if you see her carrying a bulky item. You can also call her attention if she drops something at the lobby.

Do things like these and you’ll be able to exchange names and invites to each other’s places. Y ou may also discover the interests of one another. This may lead to a lasting friendship.

Smile more often

It’s true that a smile is contagious. Thus, never underestimate the power of smiling. This is a leeway if you are too shy to do the first one. A polite smile, coupled with a slight nod will do.

It’s hard to ignore a friendly smile. It can change a mood almost instantly. Smiling is the simplest act of kindness that works on other people.

When the person reciprocates, that’s a sign of elevating the gestures to a solid conversation. It’ll be effortless because  the slightest act of smiling back can boost your confidence.

Linger a little on common spaces

Condo buildings are specially designed to include areas where residents may socialize. These are common areas that you shouldn’t shy away from.

If you have children, you should really hit the pool, playground or courtyard. Chances are, you’ll meet other parents living in the same building. Who knows, some might be living on the same floor as yours. You can invite them over for a play date so you and your neighbors and their kids may get to know each other better.

If you have a dog, it’s much better. A dog has a natural tendency to approach another dog whenever it sees one as long as it doesn’t feel threatened. When your dog plays with your neighbor’s dog, seize the opportunity. Don’t just observe in silence.

Exercise to socialize

Exercise is good for your health because physical activities release endorphins, the happy hormone. When you are in this state, it will be easier for you to make friends. It’s fundamental to the condo lifestyle that people look forward to and take advantage of.

Speaking of common areas, condominium developers integrate fitness areas on the design of the buildings as well. Other than the in-house gym, people also go to the garden area for some yoga or brisk walking.

Share food, old school

Did you know how our parents managed to build a lasting relationship with your next door neighbor? Your mom probably shared a bowl of adobo! You can do that too.

In some cultures, it’s an antiquated practice to ask for kitchen supplies from your neighbors. Filipinos also welcome this idea. However, for some, it is better to share something if you need to knock on your neighbor’s door instead of asking for a favor from a person you know nothing about.

Indeed, sharing is a convenient way to connect with other people. And you can never go wrong with adobo or any food for that matter—everyone’s a foodie at heart.

Schedule a car pool

Carpooling is an encouraged practice as it is environmentally friendly. It is also your chance of broadening your social circle.

Admittedly, not all of your condo neighbors have a car of their own. The good thing is you can always start carpooling once or twice a week going to work or on weekends to the grocery or church..

True what they say that you need to shake one hand per day if you can. So, it would be advisable to spend more time outside your condo. With this, you can win new friends without exerting too much effort. Don’t get intimidated by your new neighbors. Remember, they were once new to the place. Most probably, they’ve had the same experience as yours.

Overcome the awkwardness little by little. Notice the good in your neighbor and community, look out for other people, and you will surely be rewarded. Before you know it, you are attending a weekly get-together.

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