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Essential Things for First Time Condo Owners

What’s the next best thing after moving into your new condo in Parañaque like Amaia Steps Sucat and Amaia Steps Bicutan? Stocking the essentials! What you’ll need will surely depend on what you own now. Space might be limited but your needs for useful things and creativity in using these things are notand should not be.

Here are some of the most important things that a first-time condo owner must have.

Things first-time condo owners need

1) Locks and keys

A basic moving in requirement is to install new locks on your unit. If this is not possible, you can always invest in an over-the-doorknob locking key holder. Just don’t share the number combination with others.

Check the window locks too. You might want to install new locks for added security.

2) Window covering

Certainly, you’ve done a series of inspections and you should know by now that the unit has a  glass window. You will need something to cover the window to ensure your privacy.

However, some condo associations require that white curtains be used as apparent from the exteriors of the unit. This means you cannot use your old curtains or window blinds of any color although you can always use them inside.

Check with the management this information before you invest in custom drapes.

3) Major appliances

Electrical appliances are a necessity to condo living. Although they are bulky, we get confused as to which ones we should have primarily.

Units come with provisions for what may make your life more comfortable. These are provisions for washer and dryer and air-conditioner. Of course, you will also need a television and a refrigerator.

Yes, these are some of the appliances you will have an immediate need of. So invest in good quality brands.

4) Dinnerware and utensils

Other than the dining table of appropriate size, you will also need plates, glasses, spoons, forks, and placemats.

5) Cookware

Another dining/kitchen must-have is cookware set such as pots, pans, and utensils. After all the unpacking, you’d want to celebrate and cook yourself a good, hearty meal.

A stove is also important if the unit doesn’t come with a cooktop. The same goes with a kettle or coffee maker for that on-the-go caffeine fix. And don’t forget the microwave oven for reheating purposes.

Other kitchen items to buy are can and bottle opener, oven mittens and tongs. These things can prevent a culinary catastrophe.

6) Toiletries and bathroom supplies

Your personal hygiene kit must be the first things that you need to unpack. However, your overnight bag can only contain personal must-haves.

Some other things that you need to buy are towels, toilet papers, bath mat, and shower curtain. There should be a first aid kit, too with the basics like paracetamol and bandages.

You will need a hamper, hangers, and portable clothesline too. Perhaps, you will need an iron and ironing board.

7) Cleaning supplies

You should have cleaned your unit before you move in. But if you forgot to do that, you can always start the housework after the move. Cleaning supplies—broom, mop, sponges, brush, bucket, rags, cleaning agents, air freshener, etc. are needed.

Make sure that the cleaner can be used on glass, wood and metal.

8) Extension cords and adapters

Plugs and surge protectors are another necessity more so because some units have limited outlets. And if you have many appliances and gadgets to plug in!

You will also need cable ties so you may prevent yourself and other dwellers from tripping on the loose cords. Safety first, right?

9) Shelves and storage

Condo units may come with built-in cabinets and closets. If these are not enough or you have excess belongings, extra storage boxes will be necessary.

You may also use stackable bins so you may save up space.

When moving in, you’d always remember the big things such as the bed and sofa. The little things, which are more often more important, are often forgotten. This list aims to help you with this. These essentials can make your condo living even more convenient and comfy.

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