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Five Must-Try Restaurants in Solenad

Escaping the bustling city of Metro Manila is now more convenient than ever, with the rise of the first sustainable community in the country, Nuvali. This eco-friendly estate of Ayala Land is designed to have a laidback environment, serving as an immediate and accessible place for families and friends to unwind.

Because of this, individuals looking for a new address without the stifling atmosphere can easily find a condominium in Laguna, like Amaia Steps NUVALI and Amaia Steps Parkway NUVALI. Moreover, due to the rise of its first few developments, Nuvali has quickly become a top destination for midweek and holiday excursions. Beyond the verdant sceneries and the lush panoramic views, Nuvali’s Solenad mall can be considered as something of a foodie’s personal haven.

Solenad is equipped with a cornucopia of diverse restaurants that both locals and tourists would enjoy. For the vast array of bistros that can only be found in Solenad, it is all very worth the road trip. Are your palates in search for a new taste? Get ready to whet your appetite with these restaurants that you should never miss on your next visit to Solenad.

Five must-try restaurants in Solenad

1) Harry’s Café De Wheels

This restaurant is of Australian origin, and the first venture in Asia. Popularly known to Aussies as a local food truck, this restaurant has been adored by Filipinos for their copiously filled pies that come in an array of flavors. If you are looking for a Canadian staple, then their Poutine (French fries with a mixture of gravy and cheese on top) is something you should try. Otherwise, you can try their Tiger Pie – their signature dish – and Hotdogs.

2) The Morning After

The Morning After allows you to start your day right by enjoying a sumptuous breakfast or brunch. Your mornings will definitely be something out of the ordinary as the entire restaurant has a cozy and relaxing vibe that will make your mornings worth waking up to. Must-try dishes are their Gourmet Spicy Tuyo, Breakfast Maki, and Banana-Peanut Butter Pancakes. Individuals looking for something heavier should grab Steak and Eggs or Uncle Joe’s Big Breakfast for a more filling meal.

3) Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen

As Solenad is home to a vast collection of restaurants, it would only be natural for an Italian restaurant to make it into the list. In Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, you can always find reliable and scrumptious Italian food. A homey place for Italian cuisine, Mama Lou’s comes with a wide selection of traditional Italian food at a very reasonable price.

4) Pig Out

Meat lovers can satisfy their carnivorous penchant in Pig Out. Head on over to Pig Out and enjoy a serving of Pork Belly Inihaw, Crispy Pata and Chicharon Fried Rice, and for a pescetarian option, the Grilled Tuna Belly. This is certainly a restaurant that allows diners to indulge in their guilty pleasures and truly pig out.

5) House of Bawai

Solenad’s refreshing change of scenery should be aptly complemented with an equally refreshing option. Light, flavorful, and equally filling, House of Bawai is operated by the same genius behind Bawai Vietnamese Kitchen in Tagaytay which might explain the familiar taste. Health buffs and fitness enthusiasts will always find something to eat here as a lot of their food options have healthy alternatives. Counting calories? Then, Goi Du Du (fresh papaya salad) is for you. Something filling without ruining your diet? Try the Pho Bo or noodle soup, which is both equally filling and flavorful.

If you are heading down south this coming weekend, take a gastronomic adventure by sampling some of the restaurants only Solenad has to offer. With its vast and growing restaurant choices, there is sure to be one that would cater to everyone’s individual tastes!

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