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Home Living: Features of a Livable Neighborhood

Many things would contribute to one’s affinity to a neighborhood. It can be the type of neighbors you would potentially have, the strategic location of the place, the number of amenities offered, etc. These are just a fraction of what one might have in mind should one consider purchasing property in a particular neighborhood.

No matter who you are, where you live and the type of community you reside in play a pivotal role in molding you as a person. However, there is one thing to keep in mind when you are in the market for a new place to live. Remember this golden rule: you are not just buying or renting a home – you are also becoming part of a neighborhood.

Neighborhoods are created differently; no two neighborhoods are the same. Certain communities are made to attract a particular buyer to a neighborhood. But regardless of what kind of neighborhood you are looking for, it is important for you to consider that there is no such thing as the perfect neighborhood.

What makes a livable neighborhood

There are common elements that contribute to making a neighborhood great, though. As a buyer, it is your duty to evaluate the best aspects of a prospective neighborhood. Regardless of whether your potential home might be a townhouse in Amaia Series Novaliches or a condo unit in the metro, here are seven elements a good and livable neighborhood should have.

1) Lifestyle match

A neighborhood in synch with your current lifestyle is of paramount importance. Renters and homebuyers tend to gravitate in neighborhoods with a similar demographic. But your criteria should not stop there; consider other things, too. Is a gated community appropriate for you as a young professional? Or, as a family with three kids, can you afford to live in a small two-bedroom condo unit in the downtown area? Take a look at your needs and your lifestyle and see if the prospective neighborhood can match it.

2) Pride in ownership

If you are proud of your neighborhood, living there would be a lot more rewarding. Pride in ownership becomes apparent when homeowners and renters alike maintain their homes and care about their neighborhood. In the same vein, communities interact and connect with each other. They participate to connect and create local groups that would improve their area and eventually the neighborhood.

3) Low crime rate

This one is self-explanatory. A neighborhood with a low crime rate is critical to a homeowner’s safety. Considering that the home is considered as a sanctuary, this should be one of your top priorities when looking for a home to potentially live in. After all, you will get so much better sleep if you know you are living in a safe and secure neighborhood.

4) Outdoor activities

You do not expect yourself to be holed up inside your house once you have moved in. So while on the scout for potential neighborhoods, look for outdoor activities you may enjoy as well. Having things to do within the vicinity can truly sweeten the appeal of your neighborhood. It also promotes an active lifestyle.

5) Medical care access

Just as your safety and security are important, so should your health. You would never know if something untoward may happen to you or if any of your family members may contract ailments and illnesses and would need medical attention immediately. Choosing a neighborhood near a medical institution or at least a center that offers medical assistance is key to your family’s health.

6) Public transportation proximity

Access to public transportation gives homeowners an avenue for traveling to and fro the city without so much of a hassle. Commuters will especially find this feature a great plus for a neighborhood. It helps any millennial seeking to save up on gas or any retiree who does not wish to contend with traffic.

7) Family-friendly

One real draw for homebuyers with families would be a family-friendly environment. It gives them the impression that they can foster the growth of their children in an atmosphere that shares the same family values. It also gives their children opportunities for socializing, playing and making lifelong friends.

Each has a different set of standards on what makes a neighborhood ideal, good or livable. But we can all agree that the characteristics above are just some of the universal features a great community should have. Once you have found a good neighborhood and have assimilated well, never forget that you are part of that very same neighborhood too. So contribute your share in making your neighborhood even better.

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