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9 Brilliant Ways to Keep Your Home Cool this Summer

The temperature in Manila is unbearable. It is reaching fever pitch and it doesn’t matter whether you’ve lived in Amaia Steps Novaliches or the farthest opposite end of Metro Manila because everyone can feel the scorching summer heat. There’s no escaping the sun’s wrath but you can always tone down the effect a bit, and keep your home cool this summer.

Beat the summer heat with these cool tips and tricks:

Keep the blinds closed

About 30% of unwanted heat comes from our windows. Using curtains and other forms of shade is advisable because doing this lowers the indoor temperature by 20 degrees, at most. With this, you can minimize the use of your air-conditioning system and electric fans, saving you between 7 and 10% on your electric bill. At night when the day temperature has already subsided, you may open your windows to maximize the night air.

Use cotton bed sheets and pillowcases

A fresh set of sheets doesn’t only make you feel clean but also makes you feel cooler the entire sleeping time. Flannel or fleece sheets and blankets are okay. However, their cotton counterparts breathe easier and stay cooler as you use them since cotton is lightweight and breathable. So swap your sheets now and save the thicker and heavier bedroom essentials for the colder months.

Turn on the bathroom and kitchen fans

Exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen pull the hot air out of your home. Thus, open them during the hottest hours of the day. An hour or two of using these fans can also lower the indoor temperature by up to 5 degrees.

Drink iced beverages

There’s nothing better than drinking a glass of iced water or any cold beverage. You may keep a pitcher or jug of lemon water or freshly squeezed fruit juice, which you can refill the whole day.

Keep the fridge at the lowest temperature

Don’t crank the thermostat just to freeze items inside your refrigerator faster than usual. It’s counterproductive because your appliance needs to use more energy in this way. Thus, it ends up hotter on the outside. If you need to freeze anything, put it inside at night and it will be frozen the next morning.

Invest in a new fan

If you are going to buy a new fan, make sure it’s a mist fan. There’s a fan hack going around the Internet wherein you need to place a bowl of ice in front of your fan so that the area will stay cool. However, it can get expensive and can be counterproductive. A misting fan has the same effect so use this instead.

Put heat tolerant plants

Plants need sunlight to grow. Let this be your cue in placing plants on your windowsills or terraces or veranda. Apart from giving these plants a favor, you are also filtering and cooling down the air flowing inside your unit. Some examples of plants with high heat tolerance are sunflowers, palms, lemongrass, and fig trees.

Turn off the lights

If you are still using incandescent lamps, now is the perfect time to ditch them. Make the switch to using compact fluorescent lights (CFLs). Why? It’s because incandescent lights use up to 90% of its energy while emitting heat. So don’t be surprised why while you’re doing other stay-cool tips, your home is not as cool as you want it to be. After the switch, consider turning off the lights when you are asleep.

Unplug the appliances

Before you sleep, unplug all your unnecessary electric appliances including gadgets. They still give off heat even when these things are turned off while plugged. Doing so reduces the heat and so is your monthly bill.

Summer in the Philippines is notorious for its level of hotness. The fact that it gets hotter each day is not helping. It’s tempting to go for the air conditioner to keep your home cool if only it won’t drive up the electric bill. Above are some stay-cool hacks you can try today.

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