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Mandaluyong – The Premier Spot for Millennials to Live in

Hailed as the Tiger City of the Philippines, Mandaluyong has been lauded as one of the most progressive economic centers in the country. Mandaluyong has widely been considered as the heart of Metro Manila and the Shopping Mall Capital of the Philippines. These titles have remained uncontested and unmatched as the city still continues to impress regarding economic progression.

A quick tour of the city will immediately show you how every nook and cranny is filled with towering skyscrapers, bustling activity centers, and various infrastructures teeming with dynamic professionals. Indeed, Mandaluyong is a very progressive and booming city.

All these would make an ideal and livable place for millennials. However, if you are still confused as to whether residing in Mandaluyong is a good idea perhaps the reasons below will be enough to persuade you.

Why live in Mandaluyong

1. Various great companies to work for

Millennials seeking employment will have an array of great companies to choose from in Mandaluyong City. Of course, the city would not be hailed as one of the best industrial centers in the country sans the backing of both major local and international companies. From the top and renowned BPO companies to well-established corporations and banks, the options are limitless.

The city is teeming with job opportunities, and individuals would have much leverage in furthering their careers with the favorable salaries being offered. Additionally, commuting to and from work areas is made relatively convenient with the rise of many condominium towers within proximity of main offices such as Amaia Skies Shaw.

2. An array of shopping centers 

Almost every corner in Mandaluyong City has a shopping center installed. It is home to a cluster of shopping centers after all. Fashionistas and shopaholics can rejoice with the prolific shopping options they have from the largest mall to the more posh and luxurious ones. These malls play a pivotal role in contributing to the growth of the economy in the city.

As there is never a shortage of shopping districts and malls, millennials can easily have a preferred and favorite mall which they can frequent during paydays.

3. A healthy lifestyle is promoted and encouraged

Contrary to popular belief, a healthy lifestyle in a fast and progressive city is very much possible. One might be under the misguided notion that living in Mandaluyong might be toxic to one’s health considering it is a metropolis in Manila. But individuals will be surprised to see that the local government has taken measures to counter unhealthy and sedentary lifestyles.

Case in point: it has organized fitness events for the past four years with regular exercise programs being held on weekends. In fact, in July of last year, the city broke a Guinness World Record for holding the largest Zumba class held in a single venue with a whopping total of 12, 975 participants in yellow t-shirts.

4. It is safer

Safety is one of the crucial points one considers when choosing a good city to live in. Individuals will be pleased to know that the law enforcement officers and traffic enforcers take this aspect very seriously. It is readily observed by the police officers who patrol the streets and traffic enforcers who oversee the flow of traffic in the city.

Further, it has various ordinances passed to curb the possibility of crimes. Business establishments have individually installed CCTV cameras and alarm systems in their premises to reduce the occurrence of potential crimes.

In Mandaluyong City, everything is within your reach whether that may be a job opportunity, residential living or a shopping center. Indeed, millennials would find that the city of Mandaluyong is a city brimming with opportunities. This appealing aspect is the reason why the city is dominated by young professionals seeking to start families and entrepreneurs looking to start a business.

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