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The Moving Checklist: Your Week by Week Guide

It really is exciting to move into a new place. A new adventure begins with a new culture to experience, new places to visit, and new people to meet!

However, relocating is truly stressful. Unless you’ve experienced moving to a new place before, you won’t understand the stress levels involved. Minimize the discomfort and nervousness by creating and sticking to your moving checklist. If you have no time to create one, we already made one for you. Below is your week by week guide onward a more convenient, smoother move.

Experts say that moving should take at least eight weeks hence planning should start around this time. Put simply, once you know the move-in date to your new townhouse in Amaia Square Novaliches, for instance, just count eight weeks backward.

Week by week moving checklist

8 weeks before

moving checklist 8 weeks before organize and sort

O Organize

Getting organized is the first step. Set up a file or folder where you can put all the moving-related documents. Buy a notebook or journal that you can dedicate to the move as well.

O Sort

Start sorting. Scour the storage and garage to find possessions that you don’t want to bring when you move-in. Categorize your things to keep, discard and donate. You need to do this more so if you are going to move to a smaller house or condo.

O Research

For moving companies, that is. Start by asking friends for their referrals. Once you have the names of the movers, check their profiles online. Look for positive reviews. While at it, research for additional moving providers for options.

7 weeks before

moving checklist 7 weeks before obtain packing essentials

O Obtain

Buy packing materials like boxes, bubble wraps, tapes, and markers. Look for fillers as well like old newspapers and magazines and plastic bags.

O Plan

When disposing of certain items like clothes, toys, shoes, etc., you may opt for a garage sale. The money you may earn from this would be enough for your moving expenses. Apart from this, you may also save time since the process lightens the load that you need to pack and unpack.

6 weeks before

moving checklist 6 weeks before notify schools

O Notify

Notify your current homeowners association or landlord if you’re on rental. Of course, let your relatives, friends, and neighbors know that you are also moving. Other parties that you need to notify are the school, family physicians, veterinarian, banks and credit card providers. Utility companies and insurance providers must be informed as well. Close out the services at your current residence.

O Secure

Secure copies of medical and school records. Check with them if they can refer a good school or hospital near your new residence. These entities usually work with networks, so there’s a chance you’d find a new school with the same core values and curriculum as that of your children’s previous schools.

5 weeks before

moving checklist 5 weeks before schedule a moving company

O Schedule

After doing your research, now is the perfect time to book a moving company. Confirm the date and time and other details such as the total amount to pay for your move. While at it, schedule to set up new utilities on your new place so that you’ll have them right from the first day.

4 weeks before

moving checklist 4 weeks before pack the nonessentials

O Pack

Now is the perfect time to start packing. The non-essentials should be your first stop. Box and label them correctly.

3 weeks before

moving checklist 3 weeks before arrange pet and plant transfers

O Strategize

Check your kitchen cabinets, racks, pantry and fridge and use up the food items that need no moving. Consume all items that are already open. Consider buying less until the actual day of moving.

O Arrange

Unless the movers can and are willing to move pets and plants, your next goals should be making arrangements on how you can get these to your new home. Now, if relocating with them is not feasible, look for new owners and homes.

O Change

A change of address is necessary. So notify the government services from SSS to Pag-IBIG, although your human resource department can help you with this. Accomplish the change of address forms for your banks and other financial institutions you transact with especially if they are currently sending bank statements, for example, to your home address. Do this for all your subscriptions with paper billings.

O Transfer

If your current place is covered, transfer the insurance to your new address if that’s possible. This also applies to your car insurance, if you have one.

O Service

For a long-distance move, it would be better to have your car serviced, so it will be in its optimal condition come the moving day.

2 weeks before

moving checklist 2 weeks before clean the new house

O Pack some more

Start boxing up what’s left. To ensure a smooth transition, properly label all the boxes.

O Coordinate

Putting your valuables (heirlooms, jewelry, artworks, etc.) inside the moving truck is not advisable. Keep them in a safe if possible and transport these items yourself.

O Visit

Visit your new home to check whether the utilities are already set up and if the house needs cleaning. When visiting, determine what things you’ll need and include them on your next trip to the grocery. Check the moving details with the homeowners association as well including which gates to enter, where the moving truck should park, which elevators can be used, etc.

O Clean

If the new home needs cleaning, now is the perfect time to do so. Make arrangements with the local cleaner to do it for you. This should be one less worry for you on your first few days on your new townhome.

1 week before

moving checklist 1 week before pack the essentials

O Obtain

Secure new IDs for yourself and loved ones.

O Pack the essentials

After going over the non-essentials and valuables, the next step is to pack an essentials kit. Prepare a bag, probably for each family member with all items you’ll need on the first night at your new home. Carry the bags personally.

O Dispose

Throw away items that cannot be moved such as paint and cleaning materials.

O Confirm

Check with the landlord whether you can get your security deposits now or the current association to settle any liabilities you’re due. Finally, confirm with the moving company the date and time of the move. Check with them the things they’ll need like stairs and ramps especially if you currently live on higher floors of a residential building. Lifting the boxes one by one will be time-consuming.

1 day before

moving checklist 1 day before put boxes in one place

O Bring

Keep the file of moving-related documents with you. Have them ready in case you need to confirm specific details.

O Clear

Defrost the fridge. Clear out all storage to ensure that you’ve packed everything.

O Prepare

Make sure that the boxes are in one place where the movers can easily spot them.

Actual moving day

moving checklist actual moving day coordinate with the movers

O Coordinate

Work with the movers by telling them which boxes contain fragile items, so they’ll work extra careful with these boxes. Answer their questions. Verify that they loaded all the boxes.

Before the trucks pull away, do a final checking to make sure that nothing’s left and all are accounted for.

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