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Must Try Adventuresome Activities in Cagayan De Oro

A place where you’ll feel the warmth and friendliness of the people, Cagayan de Oro is surely a happy place. You might not be aware of this but the city is adventure junkie-friendly, too. A lot of thrilling activities abound the city, and here’s the list of the must-try.

1) Whitewater rafting

Cagayan de Oro is known worldwide for its whitewater rafting adventure mainly in Cagayan River. In fact, the city earned the title ‘Whitewater Rafting Capital of the Philippines.’

There are three main courses namely beginner, advanced, and extreme. The main difference between the three, aside from the actual length of the rapid run is the intensity of the rapids. The extreme course includes the ‘Kiss the Walls’ – the hardest rapid to conquer. Each course runs from 2 to 4 hours and requires a minimum of five participants.

Yet another course that very few enthusiasts dared to try is the night whitewater rafting. This course is extra challenging because you need to paddle and beat the rapid rush amidst the moonlight.

Nevertheless, all of these are guided adventures. Safety gears and orientation are also provided.

2) Zip lining

Did you know that the first and longest multi-course zip line in the country is in Cagayan de Oro? Yes, the one-kilometer zip line is located at Jatico Extreme Adrenaline Adventure. The adventure park is situated in Barangay Bulua – the same barangay where Amaia Scapes Cagayan De Oro is currently being constructed.

Other places that offer a zip line adventure are the Mapawa Nature Park and Macahambus Adventure Park. The 120-meter zip line at Macahambus Park is called the ‘Slide for Life.’

3) Canyoneering

Canyoneering is the latest adventure at the Mapawa Nature Park. The experience is comprised of a two-storey high natural slide, six-storey high rappel, 20-feet high cliff jump and river treks. Reaching the jump-off point also requires a 20-minute trek.

Each river trek is accommodated by certified guides, so you need not to worry. The package that costs Php1,500 per head includes the safety gears like a life jacket, helmet, and buoyancy aid.

4) Kayaking

Aside from rafting and trekking, you should also try river kayaking. Wrestle the waves of the Cagayan River inboard a kayak. You can do it with your companions or by yourself.

If you have no idea how to kayak but want to try it nonetheless, there are formal lessons offered by the local companies. However, a minimum of three people  is required to be eligible for the kayak lessons.

5) Caving

Cagayan de Oro has a few caves, some of which have historical significance like the Macahambus Cave. It served as the hideout of Kagay-anon soldiers in 1900 during the Filipino-American war.

Leading to the Cagayan River, the cave is the most famous in the city. The cave has walkable scenic trails where you can see a colony of bats. About 200 meters away from the cave is the Macahambus Gorge that you need to rappel down.

Another cave that requires a 110-foot rappel down to the main entrance is the Kweba de Oro (Cave of Gold). It’s an underground adventure. There’s a small pond near the exit where you can get wet.

As a tourist destination, Cagayan de Oro aims to satiate one’s urge for action and adventure. The place is really a haven for the thrill-seekers.

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