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Nuvali, Laguna: Where to Go and What to Do After the Pandemic

The hustle and bustle of city living plus dealing with uncertainty during the pandemic can eventually take its toll on everyone. So, taking a breather in Nuvali, Laguna after all these isn’t too much to ask and very well-deserved. Take a break in a place wherein we can really focus on ourselves after what has happened.

Nuvali, Laguna

Nuvali is a 2,990-hectare master-planned community developed by Ayala Land Inc. It is intended for residential developments such as Amaia Steps Parkway Nuvali and Amaia Steps Nuvali, commercial, offices, schools, and recreational purposes. Nuvali became Ayala Land’s flagship eco-city and, true enough, it changed the destination landscape in this side of Laguna.

Nuvali is a sanctuary where nature takes center stage. Tree planting, fish feeding, biking, and sightseeing are the main activities here. It is designed sustainably, hence, its evoliving mantra Where People and Nature Thrive. It is also a place for one-of-a-kind adventures.

Things to Do in Nuvali

One of the most important things to do in Nuvali, Laguna is to explore the outdoors. There are a lot of places to visit here and new things to try, thus, a day is not enough to explore Nuvali. Once you get to taste its offering, you will surely come back.

1) Bike around Nuvali

Embrace vibrant nature through leisure biking. Nuvali has several bike paths that let you bike safely since only a few cars are passing through. Most trails will take one to two hours to finish.

The place is designed to accommodate off-road biking through its 50-kilometer trails and lanes perfect for both novice and pro bikers. The farthest trails are for pros only.

There are four-cross and pump tracks, although these are not always open to the public. Registration is required. You can ask the concierge at the Evoliving Center for more details about off-road biking.

Beginners who are brave enough can go there but, with its steep curves, it is best tackled by experts. The flowy single tracks are best for beginners.

Some trails offer a peek of the Mount Makiling mountain range, Tagaytay Ridge, and Laguna de Bay.

You don’t need to bring your bike with you. You can rent a bicycle at the Lakeside Evozone near Seda Nuvali for only Php60 per hour. Renters should wear proper clothes and shoes and are required to show a valid ID and sign a waiver.

For nine years and counting, Nuvali has been the destination of DirtWeekend, the biggest mountain biking event in the Philippines.

2) Go bird watching

Bring with you a set of binoculars if you want to see unique bird species at the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. It is a 17-kilometer stretch of buffer green and forest zone. The sanctuary is home to more than 60 bird species and a rich variety of flora and fauna.

A place dedicated to nurturing these birds, the sanctuary has gazebos and viewing decks. The best time to do bird watching, however, is early in the morning, around 6 am, and in the afternoon before dusk, around 4 pm.

If you want a guided bird watching experience, register first at the Evoliving Center. For a group session, it is recommended that yours have at least nine members. Earth and nature-colored clothes are highly encouraged since the birds are easily distracted by bright colored clothes.

Nonetheless, birds fly by the picnic grounds and other areas. So, really, seeing birds dance in the air is a normal sight in Nuvali.

3) Feed the koi fish

When visiting Nuvali, one shouldn’t miss fish feeding. It’s the most popular activity for guests who visit the place with their kids. You can take delight in this heartening experience. If you want to feed the koi fish yourself, you can buy fish food for only Php15 per pack.

The pond is located in Solenad 1 where the best restaurants in Nuvali are also located.

4) Head to Camp N

Face the challenges head-on at Camp N, the outdoor adventure park patterned from the same concept of SandBox in Alviera, Pampanga.

Designed for the thrill-seekers, Camp N features obstacles and rope-based challenges that aim to test one’s physical and mental limits. Wall climbing, rappelling, aerial walks are just some of the challenges to choose from.

The entrance fee to Camp N is only Php80. Camp N offers packages also ranging from Php450 to Php1,650. During special occasions, the entrance fee is waived. On Women’s Month (March), women, young and old, are free to enter the premises.

Camp N also positions itself as a team building venue for companies. Go to the Evoliving Center or its Facebook page to ask for more details including group rates. Some activities also require a 3-day advanced booking.

5) Go wakeboarding

Within the Nuvali complex is a 4-hectare wakeboarding park that includes the lake, bar, and restaurant. Apart from wakeboarding, though, the facility also offers other water sports such as snowboarding, skiing, and surfing.

There are two lakes: one for beginners and one for pros. The second lake is where experienced wakeboarders can do their jumps on the ramps and obstacles. In the beginner area, wakeboards are provided for free.

Republi1c Wakepark is a venue for various wakeboarding events locally and internationally. The park is open from Mondays thru Sundays, with three sessions daily – morning (8:30 – 12:30), afternoon (1:00 – 5:30), and evening (6:00 – 10:00).

The rates are from Php250 to Php350 per hour, depending on the time of the chosen session(s). Wakeboard rental costs Php350 per hour. Republ1c Wakepark also offers private coaching sessions starting from Php750 per hour. Vests and helmets can be rented here too.

More Things to Do in Nuvali

Aside from exploring the outdoors and unique-to-Nuvali places of interest, the management organizes events from time to time.

1) Watch a movie outdoors

Watch movies in an old fashioned, romantic way – outdoor, under the starlight. Nuvali has a unique offering aptly called Night Sky Cinema. The outdoor movie watching experience happens at The Fields where concerts, contests, and a lot more are also hosted.

During movie nights, the films viewed would depend on the month when screening would happen such as classics in December, rom-coms in February, and horror movies in November.

Moviegoers are encouraged to bring their own mats or they can sit on the velvety grass. Snacks are out-of-pocket of the viewers also. Screening is free. Nuvali posts film screening updates on its Facebook page.

2) Engage in sports

Nuvali is a place for sports enthusiasts, too. The Fields, an open area that expands to 10 hectares, features FIFA-sized football fields, baseball fields, and sand volleyball courts. The Fields also features an outdoor clubhouse.

Various sports activities are hosted here such as duathlons and marathons, tournaments, and even fun runs that you may participate in. Most activities require a minimal registration fee.

3) Shop at the bazaar

When retail therapy is on your itinerary, consider Nuvali as the place to be.

Nuvali has three main shopping malls – Solenad 1, 2, and 3 – with an extensive selection of brands to choose from. Some shops are outlet stores which mean you may buy shoes, bags, and a lot more for heavily discounted rates.

Nuvali also conducts bazaars several times a year to support the locals. These are weekend or seasonal stores that sell novelty items. The bazaars and events are usually accompanied by ancillary activities such as art lessons for the kids.

4) Go on a food trip

Satisfy your cravings at the food joints inside the mall, in hole-in-the-wall restaurants, or in food joints near the pond. Some restaurants offer an al fresco dining experience.

Burgers, tacos, ice creams, and baked goodies – your options are endless and the best part is there is a choice for every budget.

5) Go art hopping

Evoliving Center is mentioned several times. It’s more than just a corporate office as it houses interactive exhibits. The place is also the center of the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle philosophy that is alive and kicking in Nuvali.

Interestingly, Evoliving Center is a work of art with its architectural uniqueness. Around the premises are several art installations created by Michael Cacnio, Mario Mallari, Jr., Juan Carlo Calma, and Eduardo Castrillo. The works are The Last Tree, Flower Primitive, Community of Creation, and Luksong Lubid. These are called greenstallations.

Collectively, they make the Walk Your Way to Art program of Nuvali. The four greenstallations are scattered in different parts of Nuvali, from Two Evotech to the Monochrome. It takes about 2,000 steps (about 1.5 kilometers) to see the four.

Seda Nuvali also features artworks of local artists such as Paco Guerrero.

6) Have a picnic

A few meters away from the koi pond is a stretch of grass-covered plains – the ideal spots for fancy picnics.

By the pond is also the best place to sit back and wait for the sunset. There are no tall buildings to obstruct your views. Yes, there are tall trees, but they too add up to the charm of the golden orange-y scene with their silhouette against the sky.

If you want a more secluded place, though, you must walk a few more meters to set out your blankets and picnic baskets. Let the trees lining the road be your guide.

7) Take a water taxi ride on the lake

Residents and employees can make use of the taxiboats to get around, while first-time visitors may enjoy going on a ride on the water taxis. The taxi boats go back and forth the 4-hectare multifunctional lake.

A round trip taxi boat ride costs Php30 per head while a special trip would cost around Php180. It operates daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

8) Watch the Magical Field of Lights

The mother of Christmas light shows in the south where thousands of colorful light installations dancing to Christmas tunes happens from November to January. The 3,600-square meter field lights up to the delight of the visitors.

How to Go to Nuvali, Laguna

Nuvali is in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, so it is accessible from various points. Calamba and Cabuyao are the nearest towns.

If you are going to commute from Manila, take a bus that will pass through Balibago. The one-way fare starts from Php60. You may also take a van for a slightly higher fare (Php80).

In South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), the bus should take Sta. Rosa exit. Alight near the Coca-Cola Factory. Near the said factory, there is a tricycle terminal that takes guests to Nuvali.

Nuvali is accessible via different exits, though, such as Greenfield, Mamplasan, and Eton City ex.

Jeepneys also transport commuters from Balibago Terminal to Nuvali and vice versa. Tagaytay-bound jeepneys pass through Nuvali. The current fare is Php17.

If you are driving, the factory is the same landmark to look for. Take the same exit, go past the tollgate, then go straight ahead. You need to turn right to Sta. Rosa-Tagaytay Road to know you’re in the right direction. Paseo Sta. Rosa Mall is the next landmark you’d see.

There are also point to point (P2P) buses going to Nuvali. The starting points are Circuit Lane and Glorietta 2, Makati.

Nuvali is approximately 40 kilometers away from Makati, 25 kilometers away from Alabang, and 15 kilometers away from Sta. Rosa exit. From Manila, it would take one to two hours of traveling.

Life can be toxic, but don’t let it get the best of you. Destinations such as Nuvali in Laguna exist for a reason – to reinvigorate you. Interestingly, you will fall in love with the place the moment you set foot in it. Let this be the most important lesson you’ll take home with you.

When all is well, take your time to visit and relax in Nuvali, Laguna. For now, stay safe and stay home.


If interested to check the residential developments within Nuvali such as Amaia Steps Parkway Nuvali and Amaia Steps Nuvali, inquire through this website.

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