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Popular Summer Activities in Cabuyao

Cabuyao, Laguna is definitely a thriving city tourism-wise. Below are some of the popular summer activities in the city. Some are a stone’s throw away from Amaia Scapes Cabuyao.

Summer activities in Cabuyao, Laguna

A fun farm

If there’s one famous summer destination in Cabuyao that would be The Fun Farm at Sta. Elena. The Fun Farm compound is located inside Sta. Elena village. From the village gate, you’ll immediately see the three-hectare farm because of the colorful signs and rustic trucks at its entrance. The walkway leading to the farm is evenly paved with blooms and trees at the sides.

Inside, there’s the farmstead and the play area. The most engaging part of a visit to the farm is the animal interaction. Visitors are allowed to feed the bunnies, guinea pigs, pigs, ducks, and chickens. Feeds are provided. You may also go try horse-back riding or the carabao cart riding. You’ll pass through the eggplant field and lettuce patch. Perhaps, you prefer rowing a boat or fishing in the farm’s man-made lake.

At the play area, there are wooden climbable chalets connected to one another. To go to the second chalet, you have to go through suspended ropes. From the second to the third chalet, you need to cross the hanging bridge. The third chalet is your access to the mini zipline. Not far from the chalets is the kiddie obstacle course.

A multi-purpose hall with long wooden tables and benches are settled in the middle of the farm. This is where the guests eat. If you are planning to go to the farm, bring your own food. There are no food stalls available inside, only bottled water.

Beside the pavilion are bathrooms and shower rooms in case you fall into the mud. There are also wash areas with cleverly-put bamboo sprouts around the hall.

The Fun Farm is really a fun place for the kids; nostalgic even for the kids at heart.

Side trips

You may start your tour with a church visit. Located at Poblacion is the Cabuyao Catholic Church (or the St. Polycarp Church). The church is the oldest in Laguna having been built in 1763. Its oldness is apparent from the outside, but, inside, you’ll see the golden altar that looks stunning when illuminated.

A few minutes of walk from the church is the Cabuyao Town Plaza. There’s a stage across the gate of the plaza and leading to the sides are decks where you can witness performances.

After visiting the plaza, you may head to Karlosi’s Cafe. The cafe is a haven for coffee and art lovers. The artworks displayed in the cafe came from the customers and fans of the coffee shop. Artworks aside, though, the coffees the shop concocts are made from Cordillera coffee beans. Its red tea is made from roselle flowers (hibiscus sabdariffa), a Malaybalay, Bukidnon-native plant.

Expect to see more tourist spots in Cabuyao two to three years from now. The locality is planning to transform Cabuyao City into an eco-agritourism destination.

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