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6 Important Questions to Ask Your Property Management Before Moving In

You’ve found the condo of your dreams in Amaia Steps Altaraza—so close to your parents’ home and to work. However, you’re still skeptic whether you’re doing it right or not.

If you have questions whether living in a condo is right for you or not, know that you can always ask these questions away. Representatives of the property management team are always ready and willing to answer questions from new owners. But would you know the questions to ask before moving in?

Important questions to ask before moving in

1) What’s the guest policy?

Definitely, you are expecting some friends to drop by from time to time. Some may even stay overnight, right? While there’s no harm done if your BFF crashes for the day, some condos have strict rules when it comes to overnight guests. You better make sure if a friend or two can stay for the night. While at it, ask if there are any required fees or whether having overstaying guests will incur fines.

2) Are pets allowed?

When it comes to pet policies, condos are not created equal. Some organizations don’t allow animals of any kind while some welcome small cats and dogs. If you have a pet or are planning to adopt one soon, make sure you ask about this. This also applies if you are into pet sitting. The association may require you to pay pet fees if they are off-limits inside the building.

3) Is it possible to install new fixtures/features?

We want our condo units looking classy and chic that will improve one’s lifestyle like installing smart lights or fancy locks. However, not all home features are favored by the property management hence it is better to ask first before making any purchase. There are some condos that don’t allow the use of colored curtains on visible parts of the unit. If you have something in mind, ask the property management if it’s okay to set it up on your unit or not.

4) How will you prepare the unit before moving in?

Before you sign the contract, chances are the representative has already informed you on how you will receive your unit and what the inclusions are. Other than that, you may still ask how the unit will be prepared before you move-in. Will the in-house maintenance personnel do a final checking of the installations and utilities? Are they going to change the locks and give you the new keys? Will they clean and sweep the floors, walls and ceilings a day before you move-in? At least you and the management are on the same page when it comes to what to expect on your first day at your home.

5) What am I responsible for as a unit owner?

Virtually all unit owners are responsible for the private areas while the condo association will take care of the communal areas. Nevertheless, there are specific areas or items inside your unit that you should be concerned about. For example, if you receive the unit semi-furnished with an air-conditioning system installed, will you be responsible if it gets damaged? If there’s a leak in your bathroom, will the management fix it or are you responsible for it? It pays to know which areas condo owners like you must maintain.

6) How can I contact the property management?

Should you experience a problem or want to report something, you should know when and where to contact your property management. Of course, we are talking about the same building where the management and you reside but there are instances when you need an immediate response and calling or texting is the best way to get the answers. Thus, ask about the process of requesting for maintenance and how you can conveniently reach them. This is also a good way to keep communication lines open.

These are six of the most important questions every new unit owner must ask the property management. Ask away!

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