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Seafood Feast in Iloilo

Just about two hours away from Iloilo is the seafood capital of the Philippines – Roxas City. Close to the Visayan Sea, which is considered one of the most bio-diversified marine ecosystems worldwide, Ilonggos benefit from whatever bountiful sea harvest Roxas City amasses. So, don’t be surprised why seafood feasts are so popular in Iloilo.

Various kinds of seafood dishes are here at much lower prices. This is the place where you can have seafood three times a day without burning your wallet. It’s truly a seafood lover haven!

Attending a seafood feast in Iloilo

Have your seafood the way you want it

A visit to Iloilo is not complete without sampling the deliciously fresh seafood dishes. You can go to the local markets or seafood courts, particularly that one in the central market to buy the seafood that you want. You can take it home or have it cooked right there and then. Just tell them if you want your seafood steamed, grilled, fried, baked or even sizzling and in chili sauce, in garlic sauce, with butter, with cheese, etc., and they will do it for you.

You may also choose to visit Iloilo city on the fourth week of January or second week of February when the locals celebrate Paraw Regatta and Dinagyang Festivals, respectively. One of the essential parts of these festivities is the seafood festival.

Beachfront seafood restaurants join the festival wherein they prepare and line up choices of mouth-watering seafood dishes for the revelers. The all-time favorites include grilled squid, steamed talaba (oyster), baked Diwali shell, and sweet and sour crab. Some restaurants also serve aligue rice, seafood paella and oyster tempura.

Still, you may go to the province any time of the year. There are hundreds of native and upscale restaurants that specialize in various seafood dishes. Great examples are Tatoy’s Manokan & Seafoods Restaurant in Villa Beach, Alan’s Talabahan in Oton, Ponsyon in Plazuela de Iloilo, Breakthrough in Arevalo, and Joy Joy’s Restaurant in Dumangas. Alan’s Talabahan is probably the closest to Amaia Scapes Iloilo.

Residents and tourists can go to any beach nonetheless. Several seafood shacks are lined up a few meters from the shore. It’s literally fresh seafood by the beach.

Craving for seafood? That’s one thing the Ilonggos will never experience. Why? Because their craving is satisfied even before they realize they are actually craving for it. We – tourists and revelers – are lucky too because we get to gorge in fresh and delicious seafood at a fraction of the price when we’re in Iloilo. It can’t get any pleasant-tasting than that for sure.

For more information about Amaia Scapes Iloilo, visit our sales office located at Emmanuel Business Center Benigno Ave. cor Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City or call 0977-85-AMAIA (26242).

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