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Smart Condo Upgrades: 7 Effective Tricks to Give Your Condo a Facelift

After living, seeing and being inside the same four walls of your condo unit for quite a while, the feeling can easily get monotonous. However, by the time we are weary of our dwelling, we do not necessarily buy ourselves a new home. Instead, we update the old furnishings and give our home a fresh new look. This is why home makeovers, renovations, and redecorations exist. Mainly, we call them home facelifts and sprucing up.

Unfortunately, not all redecorations are exactly economical—some will cost you a fortune. The cost of redecorating could potentially hurt your budget. This does not mean you should forgo it altogether because there are several ways of giving your condo unit a facelift that is within budget. In fact, there are some that would not cost you anything at all.

Easy, 5-minute smart condo upgrades

Here are some of a few simple but effective tricks to accomplish that:

Change hardware and fixtures

Over the years, your home accessories will get worn out and outdated. Your metal faucets will get a bit rusty, drawer handles will look a bit tacky, and cabinet pulls will get loose. Simply updating these old items will drastically enhance how your home looks. And it serves a dual purpose: functional and aesthetic.

Just replacing old fixtures such as the rusting kitchen faucet, getting new accents such as new throw pillows for your couch, complementing the dining room with a new pendant light in a yellow tone would be enough to update an old and boring home.

Rearrange furniture and accessories

Rearranging your stuff and furniture can significantly change how your condo unit would look. A wise way to go about this is by starting with the movable accessories and piling them up on the floor (photo frames, throw pillows, bookends, vases, etc.). You can sort this out by a particular characteristic (size, color, or whatever trait you prefer) and reposition them creatively in an entirely different manner.

Do the same thing with your furniture. The best thing about all of this? It does not require you to spend anything!

Create a tranquil corner

A little introspection and inner contemplation could do anyone a whole deal of good if they did it at least once a day. Dedicate one corner of your condo unit into a “tranquil and serene” corner for some quality “me” time.

Find a plush and comfortable chair, a little table and top it off with calming potpourri or incense sticks. This can serve as your home’s meditation and quiet corner as well.

Create a fitness zone

Wanting to get in shape at home does not have to mean you would have to dedicate an entire room for the installation of a home gym. Turning one corner of your bedroom into a fitness hub can assist you in your fitness goals for this year.

Get yourself a sturdy rack which is strong enough to bear the weight of ropes, dumbbells, and other fitness equipment. Position it at one unused and rather roomy space in your bedroom. Preferably, place the rack near your bathroom as this setup will inspire and prime you for a morning workout just before your shower.

Add some greenery

Any home would score visual appeal points simply with the addition of potted foliage. It is a refreshing sight indoors and can give your drab interior that much-needed color it needs. Look for a potted plant or install a vase of flowers which would be rather easy to take care of and perk up your living space.

Shuffle the art around

If you have wall pieces such as paintings, sculptures or art figurines, shuffle them around to give the interior of your home a brand new twist. This would not cost you anything but would remarkably update how the inside of your home looks like.


Welcome some natural light into your home by cracking open some windows. Let your new furnishings and creative rearrangements bask in the natural spotlight to highlight them and give your home that bright new look as well.

Giving your condo unit that much-needed facelift does not require you to break the bank. It does not matter whether you are living in a sprawling house and lot or a swanky condominium in Bulacan, sometimes all it takes to give your home that fresh new look is to give it some creative sprucing up that would not even cost a fraction of a regular home redecorating spree.

Get creative and incorporate your own ideas to the tips and tricks above and give your home that modern update without the hefty price.

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