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Suburban Living within City Limits

We tend to think that the metro is overwhelmingly urban. Well, because it is. What we don’t realize is a metropolitan area also consists of suburban communities. It’s not just its urban core, which is mostly characterized by dense population and built environment.

Instead, it is also the intervening suburbs socio-economically linked to that urban core, realizing the perks and privileges of suburban living within the city limits.

Why choose a suburban lifestyle

Parañaque City where Amaia Steps Sucat is located, for instance, is no exception. While the city is home to some of the well-known infrastructures like the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), Duty-Free, Solaire Resort & Casino, and City of Dreams, its surrounding features scream of suburbanite. With its proximity to the marinas and open spaces Sucat, exudes a suburban lifestyle within a city.

Many young families often face the dilemma of choosing between living in the city or on the outskirts. Nonetheless, a countryside neighborhood means access to more space in the home and its surrounding. It may mean a bigger backyard, more public parks and other close-to-nature activities that you and your kids will surely appreciate. There is the inherent possibility of mingling with your neighbors. As a matter of fact, the sense of community is stronger in outlying areas than in highly urbanized areas. It’s really about neighbors and nature!

Suburban communities are also more peaceful and quiet than the in-city neighborhoods. In the metro, there are incessant traffic, more noise, and more pollution. Not to mention the need to constantly navigate your way through crowded places even on the streets. Although higher adaptability skills are more apparent among city dwellers, the city is a stressful environment indeed. That’s why suburbanites are happier than those who are living in the cities.

Some may question the financial soundness of living in the outskirts while working in the city with the surging oil price, and car and home maintenance costs. The commute time and travel expense seem to offset the privileges of a suburban lifestyle. Yes, it can be a drawback. But, have you considered this as an exposure opportunity? How many of us truly, deeply know the place that we currently live in, right? Perhaps, only a handful.

While at it, the living expenses in the city tend to be higher. Basically, the costs of houses and condominiums in the city, for example, are higher compared to that of those found in the suburbia. It is no surprise then why the numbers of homeowners in the suburbia are growing. The housing expenditure is a money well-spent also because you get more square footage for your money. Plus, you still get to enjoy the facilities and amenities available in the metro only at a cheaper rate.

Overall, suburban living within the city limits offers dwellers a sweet escape from all the hassles of the big cities while still allowing them that relative proximity to necessities. Being too far from the actions of an urban lifestyle may sound unappealing to some, but don’t take it at face value.  It’s up to you whether you will take the right step or not.

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