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Tarlac Recreational Park: Local Neighborhood Review

Consider yourself lucky if you live in Amaia Scapes Tarlac because of the abundance of great places to explore around the community. These places can help in unleashing the inner adventure seeker in you from SandBox in Alviera to Tarlac Recreational Park in San Jose. Both are 45 minutes to 1-hour drive away from your Amaia Scapes Tarlac home.

Tarlac Recreational Park

The 78-hectare Tarlac Recreational Park (Jose V. Yap Sports and Recreational Complex) is not your usual leisure and sports facility. The locals call it the Eco Park of Tarlac.

man biking in tarlac recreational park
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Inside the park, there’s a lagoon if you want to kayak, an Olympic-sized swimming pool if you’re going to take a dip especially since it can get sweltering during the day. You can also try biking, zip lining, running or kite flying at the oval track. The park also has an archery range, one of their newest features.

While the park also features an airsoft ground, it is best explored through a dune buggy or ATV (all-terrain vehicle) ride. Handling the vehicles is easy even for the first-timers. Also, you wouldn’t be allowed riding any of the two without undergoing a briefing first but if you’ve ridden a bump car before, then you can ride either or both.

The outskirts, which can be tackled in less than an hour with occasional stops to take photos, are dry, rough, dusty, rocky, and in some instances, hilly. Wearing the proper gear to protect yourself from any accidents or whatnots is a must.

After a ride, you may rest at the pavilion or in one of the cottages. There’s a snack bar that serves halo-halo and the place also has grill stations.

people kayaking on the river
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The park is open from 9 am to 5 pm daily except on Mondays. Entrance is free, but you have to pay for the activities. The local tourism department manages Tarlac Recreational Park. It was the venue of the 2010 Palarong Pambansa, so it is perfect for big groups who are preparing for a sporting event.

The dune buggy and ATV ride are Php500 per hour, kayaking is Php50 per hour, fishing is Php100 per day, and biking is Php50 per hour. The park also offers camping for Php300/tent. You may bring your own tent, but you still have to pay Php100/head.

The campsite—the verdant grounds—is by the lake and pool area. Campers can go fishing at night. There are no available fishing gears for rent, though so you must also bring your own.

The rates for daytime swimming are Php100 for adults and Php50 for kids. A zip line ride is Php100 per head.


Other attractions near Tarlac Recreational Park

The park is located in San Juan de Valdez, Brgy. San Jose in Tarlac. Within a 50-kilometer perimeter from your Amaia Scapes Tarlac home are other activities that can make your heart skip a bit.  These are some of the kid and kid-at-heart-friendly attractions to explore as well:

Kart City

four karts on the race track
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Located in McArthur Highway, Tarlac, Kart City is perfect for those who want to try go-kart riding with family or friends. What makes Kart City unique is its European-made go-karts that are very novice-friendly. Also, the go-kart ride park allows customers to change the track configurations should they request for it. If you prefer this, just tell the staff ahead of time.

There are other activities to enjoy such as playing billiards and karaoke. There is a snack bar inside that serves the best pizza rolls in town.

Kart City is open from 3 pm to 12 mn on Mondays-Saturdays and from 10 am to 2 pm on Sundays.


male and female in giant swing in sandbox alviera pampanga
Image credit: http://bit.ly/2XFNlbA

SandBox in Alviera is one of the most prominent places in Porac, Pampanga. It is an adventure destination with rides and attractions for all family members. SandBox features a giant swing, a roller coaster zip line, an aerial walk, and an adventure tower where you can wall climb, rappel or free fall.

The place has an open field where you can fly kites or RC plane or play frisbee. It also has a water obstacle course and a lounge pool where guests may relax for a while after finishing the course.

Some other features are the kart racing facility that caters to the young drivers. The race track has various layouts. Kart and karting clinics are available.

There’s also a kiddie playground with mini-golf course, airsoft or paintball ground, and picnic areas.

Mt. Arayat National Park

mt arayat national park swimming pool side with altar
Image credit: http://bit.ly/2Nqxsl8

Mt. Arayat National Park is actually a resort with four pools, one kiddie pool and the rest for adults. The pool complex is at the left side of the park going in. A tree house stands on the right side. This is the starting point of mountaineers and, sometimes, bikers who are bound to climb Mt. Arayat. There is a pilgrim mid-way to the summit.

The pools’ water comes from the mountain, cascading down to form mini falls. It can get crowded during summer and the weekends, but there are several nipa huts to accommodate the people. There are also sari-sari stores inside.

The entrance fee is Php50 for adults and Php20 for kids.

Dinosaurs Island

animatronic dinosaur in the trail
Image credit: http://bit.ly/2XG6OZG

Dinosaurs Island is an animatronics theme park in Mabalacat, Pampanga. Yes, you will see about a hundred dinosaurs and some are moving and roaring.

Inside is a long dino trail where one can see more than 30 species of dinosaurs on display. It is a guided tour that kids will surely enjoy. At the end of the trail is a dinosaur-feeding station where you can have a photo op.

There is also a 15-minute dino show after the discovery part is finished where you can watch a T-rex dancing to the latest tunes.

As a sideshow, the park features the wonders of the world—the mini replicas. There’s Taj Mahal, Great Wall of China, and Pyramid of Egypt.

Zoocobia Fun Zoo

zoocobia fun zoo green, blue, orange slides
Image credit: http://bit.ly/2XJsHHo

Zoocobia Fun Zoo is a zoological museum and an adventure zoo park. This is a great place for learning about zoo animals.

The educational attractions include the Birds of Paradise, Philippines Pride, Maze, Barn, Menagerie, and Mango Camp. The Maze is a labyrinth where animal topiaries are located. The challenge is to get out of it. The Menagerie is a place to see a collection of stuffed real animals. The Mango Camp is a plantation where guests can pick mangoes to buy and bring home.

Interacting with some of the animals is part of the package. For instance, you may see colorful birds up close and even feed them. At the barn, children are allowed to feed farm animals like goats, sheep, and pot-bellied pigs.

Mimosa Golf Course

golf course
Image credit: http://bit.ly/2XFOsYO

Mimosa Golf Course is a place for adults who want to learn or challenge their golfing prowess. There are two courses: Acacia Lakeview (18 holes) and Mountainview (championship course). The first one is for the new and high handicapped golfers while the second is for seasoned players.

The must-play golfing destination has a fleet of brand new carts.

Mimosa Golf Course is open all year round.

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