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Tips in Finding the Right Townhouse for You

Property hunting can be exciting, especially when it is your first time—but it can be terrifying as well. If you are searching for a house, you might think about investing in a townhouse. Townhouses (or townhomes) are individual houses that are built side-by-side, where one or two walls of each house are shared between adjacent homes. In the Philippines, living in a townhouse like Amaia Series Novaliches is a common practice.

But just like any other property hunts whether it’d be a townhouse in Quezon City or the province, knowing the features you prefer in a house would make the search easier and faster. Moreover, you have to be aware that choosing the right townhouse for you requires a lot of careful thinking as to where and what property you should invest in. To give you some ideas, below are the top qualities of a good townhouse.

How to find the right townhouse for you


Always think about the accessibility of your chosen townhouse. An excellent location is near any primary establishments such as grocery, hospital, restaurant, school, church, etc. Of course, it should be near your workplace, too. With this, you need not worry about long drives amidst heavy traffic just to get to your destination.

Easy to commute

Unless you have a private car, making sure that the townhouse you are about to buy is accessible to public transportation is a must. Although it might not be along the highway, at least, it would not be hard for you to travel to and from your place of work or anywhere else for that matter.


Never pay for a townhouse that is beyond your current financial capability. Don’t rely on something baseless like your income will go up in a few years.  When hunting, try not to be carried away with the appearance of the property especially when you can’t afford the monthly repayments. With this, your primary responsibility is to scout townhouses that are within your budget to avoid any financial issues later on.


Solo or not, choosing the right layout of a townhouse is a must, especially if you are living with your grandparents or kids. Make sure that the house is easy to navigate, and there aren’t too many structural distractions that may hurt your loved ones. Also, ensure that it includes everything you need—dirty kitchen, storage area, parking space, etc. Check the landscaping, too. For some buyers, the landscape is an important factor when choosing a property since a well-presented townhouse is a sign of a community that will grow well into the future


Aside from the actual things you’ll need inside the house, check the proximity of the residence to the necessary facilities and amenities. It is always an advantage to live in walking or close driving distance to the gym, basketball court and other sporting facilities, pool, salon and spa, and other wellness establishments.


What is the neighborhood like? What about the neighbors? Is there a way to get to know your soon-to-be neighbors? If yes, do so. Most importantly, make sure there are security guards and cameras in place. This way, you’d ensure you are living in a safe and secure community, where you can also live a peaceful and healthy life.

Homeowners association

Examine how concrete the association’s rules and regulations are. How frequently does the association change these rules? How many rules are being implemented for the benefit of all residents? What rules will impact you as a future tenant? For instance, does the association allow pets inside the houses or not? Finally, make sure that the officers are open for suggestions so you may voice out your concerns and recommendations if you have any.


Due to the inherent built of a townhouse, privacy is commonly an issue. For some house hunters, it is one of the most important criteria—a non-negotiable. Check the rules of the association regarding this. Finally, be a considerate and responsible neighbor, too.

Evidently, several things must be considered even if you are already decided to buying a townhouse for you and your family. These are just some of these things. It would be better to list down the features or elements that are most important for you before you start hunting for the right townhouse.

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