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Top Things to Do When in Bulacan

Bulacan is located in northern Manila; thus, it is so close to the city that the people no longer consider the place a province in the truest sense of the word. Don’t be fooled by weasel words though. Right after stepping out of your unit in Amaia Steps Altaraza, you and your family will be endowed with interesting options of things to do (and places to visit) in Bulacan.

Things to do in Bulacan

Church hop

Bulacan boasts of more than seventy churches. Some of these churches are built in the 17th and 18th centuries, exuding an old world charm. While every town has a church, the most significant is the Barasoain Church in Malolos. General Emilio Aguinaldo has been inaugurated in the place.

Visit ancestral homes

Scattered in the province are colonial homes that basically demonstrate how the Bulaqueños live during the Spanish and American rule. There’s Bahay na Bato in Bustos, Bahay na Tisa in Balagtas, Sijo House in San Miguel, and Mercado House in Bustos.

Jewelry shop

Meycauayan is a jewelry hub; it’s a brand of its own. In fact, it is known for its alajeras. A street in Meycauayan is dedicated to these jewelers. The craftsmanship is superb as they accept designing intricate pieces. The jewelry stores also accept made to order jewelry.

Play at the pool

One of the premier facilities of Altaraza is its pool. Nonetheless, it is a-okay to visit other water parks in the area from time to time and feast your eyes on the in-house attraction. Bulacan has many themed water resorts from Amana Park to Pacific Waves to Eight Waves to Jed’s Resort. Some of the most unique are Adventure Resort that features miniatures of the world’s famous spots such as Eiffel Tower, Great Wall of China and Statue of Liberty and Malamig Park Resorts which includes rainbow-colored lights on its wave pools. The San Rafael River Adventure Park is increasingly becoming popular as well.

Have a picnic

While there are several public parks in Bulacan, nothing beats having a picnic and chit-chatting with your loved ones amidst the sound of splashing water. The Angat Afterbay Regulatory Dam (or simply Bustos Rubber Dam) is open to the public. Day-trippers can walk around and take pictures as well.

Go on an adventure

For adventure junkies, Bulacan also offers a host of thrill-filled activities. Explore the historic caves of Biak na Bato, a national park. Zip line across the monkey bridge in Madlum River. Hike in Mt. Manalmon. Spelunk the Bayukbuk Cave where you need to crawl, rapel and squeeze amidst the amazing rock formations. If you want to try jet skiing or kayaking, explore the The Greenery in Baliuag. The Greenery also has a lighthouse that you can explore.

Embark on a gastronomic trip

Craving for some grilled ribs? Head to Kalye Mabini in Malolos. The quaint restaurant offers tasty grilled pork baby back ribs. If you want to eat some crispy pata, go to JL Jamie’s Crispy Pata. If you want to experience the probinsya-style food trip, you should visit A&T Native Food House. Eating inside an eight-seater nipa hut, your choices of exotic dishes will include adobong kabayo, adobongsawa, and kalderetang kambing.

Eat some cookies

Bustos is famous for its minasa cookies, from the root word ‘masa’ which literally means knead. There is nothing special about its ingredients that include cassava flour, butter, yeast, coconut milk, and egg yolk. It’s really how the cookies are made.

Have some pastillas

Did you know what makes the pastillas in Bulacan so unique? Carabao milk! Yes, the pastillas are made from the freshest carabao milk. Makers of pastillas de leche don’t mix the carabao milk with condensed or evaporated milk unlike in other places. It’s not just the pastillas though, but the pabalat as well. The art of pabalat (wrapping) is a serious folk art in San Miguel.

Although some of the activities may not be for the faintest of heart, evidently, Bulacan is a place for the wanderlusts. So when in Bulacan, don’t forget to try these things and explore the places.

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