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Trece Martires – At the Heart of Cavite

Before even contemplating buying a house and lot in Trece Martires, it would be better to understand the roots of the place. Surely, you’d appreciate how Trece Martires became the component city that it is today.

A look into Cavite’s Trece Martires

What it was originally

Aside from being the biggest barrio in Cavite, it was also considered as the most remote. Originally a part of Tanza, it was formerly known as Quintana. The barrio became a city on May 24, 1954, by virtue of Republic Act No. 981 or The Charter of Trece Martires City, signed by then President Ramon Magsaysay. The Act effectively transferred the provincial governance from Cavite City to Trece Martires.

Being a barrio, it was an agricultural area. The people’s main sources of income were sugar farms and cattle ranches. Territorial expansion occurred on June 22, 1957, through the amendment of the Act. Parts of General Trias and Indang became a part of Trece Martires to increase its territory to 3,917 hectares.

Where it got its name

Trece Martires was named after the thirteen martyrs of Cavite. These patriots were executed on September 12, 1896, through musketry. They were accused of treason. In 1954, a city was created to honor them and named it Trece Martires. The city has thirteen barangays, each of these barangays were named after them.

What it is now

Commercialism and industrialization are rampant nowadays, replacing agriculture as the major economic activity. The main revenue is due to real property taxes. Indeed, Trece Martires is becoming an important player in Cavite’s real estate industry.

Among the reasons for the increasing number of population, are the city’s cleanliness and the absence of any sorts of gambling in the place. Aside from that, Trece Martires is a multi-awarded city receiving accolades in various fields such as health, nutrition, literacy, education, social services, and cleanliness.

So, yes, living here could be the most important life decision you’d ever make. Trece Martires is a really promising, family-friendly place.

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