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What Makes Nuvali Tick?

When it gets all too pressing at work, at times, a weekend getaway is everything you need to regain your strength and energy. Taking a trip in Nuvali is one of the perfect places to visit. Nuvali has a laidback environment with sceneries and activities that are a great quick escape from the hustles and bustles of the city. It’s a whole new experience that revitalizes the heart, mind, body, and soul.

Nuvali and its surroundings

Nuvali is mostly surrounded by blissful greens, which makes it a perfect place to unwind and connect with Mother Earth. The area promotes sustainability and “evoliving” hence the advocacy is maintaining a cleaner and greener environment for people to enjoy.

Further, man-made structures are tied with the natural surroundings.  The goal is to encourage  people to commune with nature. Unlike in congested cities, you do not have to go to the nearest bay to watch the sunset.  In Nuvali, there are very few buildings, thus, you can see the sunset from any location – whether you are in your condo in Nuvali or strolling at the park.

Nuvali and its outdoor activities

Nuvali is a perfect place to have fun with its different outdoor activities. The layout of the area itself gives plenty of spaces for recreational activities. For example, within the vicinity of Nuvali, there is a three-hectare nursery and demo farm where you can experience seeing and learning about various edible plant species. Other activities are as follows:

With all these, Nuvali is a breath of fresh air. It’s something extraordinary – not your usual weekend getaway. This is what makes Nuvali tick. A visit in Nuvali is an experience where you’ll love every minute spent.

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