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6 Good Reasons Why Expats Should Live in Quezon City

Unless you are a savvy traveler, who wants to settle in, finding a property can be a little bit tricky especially when you are not familiar with the place. For expats, falling in love with the place, culture, and people are the most important criteria for choosing the right place to settle in. The Philippines is abundant with natural resources, culture, and friendly locals. No wonder it is one of the top countries for retirees and expats.

Most expats are particular when it comes to choosing a home. That is why many of them opted to invest and live in a townhome in Quezon City. If you are wondering why Quezon City, there are more to the place than merely sights and attractions.

Reasons why expats should live in Quezon City


For most food enthusiasts, Quezon City is one of the best places for a food trip. Most international and local restaurants can be found in Timog and Katipunan Avenue, Tomas Morato, Maginhawa Street, and Banawe Street.

International restaurants serve dishes that are mostly inspired by Asian cuisines and fused with Western cuisines. These restaurants are best when you are into fine dining. Aside from the restaurants, you can find cafes and bars where you can have a fun and fancy night out with your family and friends.


Although most expats are now living in the modern era, they can still appreciate how Quezon City preserved its history and culture. In exploring the city more, you’d discover how Spaniards colonized the city. You can find the famous Cry of Pugad Lawin (or also known as The Cry of Balintawak), which became the catalyst for the Philippine Revolution against the Spanish regime.

Also, a significant national event that has been engraved in the hearts and minds of every Filipino, which is called the 1986 People Power Revolution, was held along EDSA. These are just some of the most significant events in the Philippine history that happened in Quezon City.


Libis and Cubao areas have several shopping malls. It is also in Cubao where you can find Araneta Center where most sports, entertainment, and other significant events in the Philippines are being held. Also, Libis is a home for residential and office buildings.

Expats can freely choose the kind of property they want to invest in. For that matter, office buildings for lease are scattered around the city. You just have to select the most suitable location.


Quezon City also has a number of private and international schools. Expats who plan to send their children to school can choose from the leading universities in the Philippines. There are also several specialized learning centers.

Moreover, using the English language is one thing they strictly implement. That’s for better and regular communication between locals and international students.


Aside from shopping and business establishments, living in Quezon City also means having immediate access to places to hang out such as the La Mesa Ecopark. It is one of the most affordable destinations in the area where one can enjoy boating, picnics and other outdoor activities.

Moreover, you can also chill and have fun with friends at Quezon City Memorial Circle.


Commuters dread the EDSA traffic. Good thing Quezon City has LRT Line 2, which travels from Marikina to Manila. Since it provides a better alternative route to prevent heavy traffic, it tends to be more convenient for motorists and commuters.

For a cheaper way to commute, there are jeepneys and tricycles which transport passengers from smaller alleyways to major roads within the city.

For expats, Quezon City is one of the most desirable places in the country to settle in. You will not just enjoy, but you will also feel that you belong in the place, especially with friendly locals living in the city.

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