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Why Live in Iloilo?

Declared to be the most livable city in the Philippines in 2014, Iloilo boasts not only of exemplary living conditions for Filipinos but a sustainable community of good-natured people as well.

Ilonggos, without a doubt, are some of the sweetest people you can ever encounter here in the Philippines. Their soft, gentle and sweet-sounding accents accompanied with a smile are attestations of precisely that.

However, Iloilo is not only known for its friendly and loving people. The regional center of Western Visayas is, in fact, a melting pot of various cultures that you can truly immerse yourself in.

The city is saturated with diverse celebrations and festivals, and the food is always top notch at a very reasonable price compared to other regional areas.

But, of course, there’s more apart from the colorful fiestas and excellent food. Here are the top six reasons Iloilo is slated as the country’s best city to live in and why you should consider living in Amaia Scapes Iloilo too, for instance.

Reasons you should live in Iloilo

1) Incredibly kind people

Filipinos are known for their hospitality, but Ilonggos take it further than that. They are sincere in their hospitality. They do not discriminate, and they treat people equally whether they may be helping out locals or foreigners.

The sweet-sounding language and accent are not the only things you can get used to in this place, but also the smiling faces, greetings, and helpfulness of the people. Their warmth and friendly personality would make it easy for you to make friends in the city.

2) Exemplary food

Filipino food has been known to be well-flavored. Dishes are always bursting with savory tastes with the spices coming together in complete congruence to form a sumptuous and delectable meal. The food in Iloilo is no different.

As the city is located on the coast side of Panay Island and where fishing is considered as one of the major industries, you can expect to find a lot of seafood here. In fact, it is one of the places in the Philippines where you can get the biggest and freshest oysters at a low price per tub.

3) Less to no traffic

Amidst being located in the countryside, Iloilo City has well-paved and wide roads, making traffic almost virtually nonexistent in the city. Albeit the traffic during peak hours, it is not even half as bad as some of the other major cities in the country.

Though a traffic jam may exist at certain times of the day, they are short-lived since the city is relatively small. Less traffic means your daily commute from your home to wherever are much less of a hassle, and it saves you the stress from wasting time in traffic.

4) Boracay is close

Although Iloilo is already bordered with a myriad of pristine white sand beaches, Boracay, hailed as the best beach in the Philippines, is just a few hours away from Iloilo City. From the city itself, it would take you approximately five to six hours by bus to reach Caticlan and a fifteen to twenty-minute boat ride going to Boracay.

From another standpoint, this may seem like a bad alternative considering the length of time it takes to reach the island, but for people seeking a cheaper alternative to airfare, this is your best bet.

5) Active and healthy people

The individuals of Iloilo do look after their well-being and health by participating in many fitness and health programs. In fact, the city hosts Zumba classes for free which are organized outdoors a few times per week. If Zumba is not your thing, you can enjoy other fitness activities as the city hosts a multitude of them.

There are countless running and cycling events which can be found on their RunClub Iloilo Facebook page. Cycling enthusiasts would also find that the city is a bike-friendly city as it promotes the usage of bicycles as an alternative to cars and public transportations on your commute to work.

If you are on the market for a change of atmosphere and a new environment to live in, Iloilo might just be your best option. Not only is the city acclaimed as the Philippines best city to live in, but adapting to the sweet and friendly setting is relatively easy for anyone. Live in Iloilo and have a slice of the rural life while enjoying the urban perks of city life at the same.

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