Amaia Steps Alabang

P2.3M - P4.3M
Lowest Monthly Amortization P9,566
Mid-Rise Condominiums in Alabang

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Master Plan & Concept

Amaia Steps Alabang

Embrace a world that’s safely tucked away from the busy city life giving you bigger spaces to breathe more, move more, live more. Amaia Steps Alabang offers the safety and security of a prime development, while giving you ample breathing spaces.

Convenience and comfort now come in perfect harmony. Enter a community that captures the best of two cities. Experience cosmopolitan lifestyle and cozy living. Truly you can say that work and home need not to be worlds apart. That life can be lived with no trade-offs. No compromises.

So enter, experience and embrace the best of both worlds only in Amaia Steps Alabang.

  • 9
  • 9 (8 residential and 1 parking)
  • 2nd to 9th floor
  • 208
  • 176
  • 176
  • 256
  • 24 - 49 sqm
  • Aria – 1H’18; Blanca – 2H’17; Clara – 2H’18;

Payment Terms Available

  • Cash

    Total selling price payable within 30 days; with 10% discount for non-RFO or 5% discount for RFO projects.

  • Deferred Cash

    Total selling price over maximum of 24 months.

  • Bank Financing

    At least 10% down payment over 6 months – 90% balance thru bank financing.

    *Prevailing bank interest rates apply


Address: Alabang- Zapote Road, Almanza Uno, Las Pinas

Arrive at your destination in minutes because business parks, schools, shopping malls and service centers are just 2-5 kilometers away from the sweet spot.



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Experience a world where you can seamlessly shift lifestyles. Spend quiet nights relaxing at home after a day’s work. Unwind with a few laps at the pool. Shoot some hoops at the basketball court. Frolic with the kids at the children’s playground. Celebrate life’s milestones or special occasions at the Clubhouse. These are just some ways a day can take shape at Amaia Steps Alabang. Live here and instantly shift from reserved to relaxed, from strictly business to pure fun.

  • Village Clubhouse
  • Linear Garden
  • Basketball Court
  • Play Area

Units & Floor Plans

  • Aria
  • Blanca
  • Clara
  • Delicia
  • Studio
  • Deluxe
  • Premier - 2BR
  • Premier - 3BR

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