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Cagayan de Oro is an urbanized regional center complemented by premier yet affordable residential developments like Amaia Scapes Cagayan de Oro. Floor areas range from 28 to 65 sqm.

Amaia Scapes Cagayan de Oro

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Setting a new standard in community living, Amaia Scapes Cagayan de Oro is the first Ayala Land project in this side of Mindanao. Located in Macapagal Drive in Brgy. Bulua, the property will offer comfort and new opportunities without any compromises on quality. Innovatively-designed houses are coupled with affordability and security only Amaia can provide.

  • P2.7M - P3.8M
  • 28 - 65 sqm

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Living in Cagayan de Oro

Contrary to popular belief, Cagayan de Oro or simply CDO is generally a safe place to live. CDO is dubbed as the most progressive city in Northern Mindanao, and for good reasons. The progress also is being felt by the people through various development including in the real estate industry that compels people to buy a house and lot for sale in CDO. Despite the growth, the small community feel is well-preserved in the city.

Cagayan de Oro has a small community vibe.

Although the population is around 700,000 people, there is nothing small about this highly-urbanized city. Cagayan de Oro, which was officially known as Cagayan de Misamis since it’s the capital of Misamis Oriental, is a big city. It has all the urban amenities, and yet it feels like living in a small community. The sense of community –the kind that warms the heart of the travelers, is evident among all Kagay-anons, young and old.

Known as the City of Golden Friendship, there is no wonder why this occurs. People look out for each other, even strangers from far away places. Everyone feels safe and comfortable because they value relationships so much. They pride themselves of this, and won’t do anything to ruin the bond. 

It is second nature for the locals to say ‘tsada’ to describe anything beautiful, lovely or nice. True enough, the Kagay-anons are the most appreciative and grateful people you will ever meet. The people are the complete opposite of the negativity tied up to being in Mindanao.

Cagayan de Oro is a highly secured city.

Aware of those negativities, the local government focuses on maintaining peace and order within the city. In 2016, the South Eastern Asia Crime Index gave CDO a 57.54 safety index. The city is on the eighth spot compared with Manila’s fourteenth spot; it has a 50.79 safety index.

CDO’s crime rate is lower compared to other cities in Mindanao. The crime volume is also on a constant drop. Furthermore, the barangay-police anti-crime partnership initiative has long been implemented. Barangay leaders team up with the local police force to curb crime within the barangay. Everyone takes an active role to ensure that their respective barangays are safe for locals and tourists alike.

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With this said, Cagayan de Oro is generally a safe place to live in, start, and build a family. The next best thing is to scout for house and lot for sale in CDO to kickstart the process of settling in here. 

Cagayan de Oro is favorably a livable city.

While some skeptics may see this as an exaggeration, the truth remains–CDO is Mindanao’s compensating feature. Very few people would contemplate about living in Mindanao, but a lot of people would if it’s Cagayan de Oro. The city is home to the warmest Filipinos.

A poll conducted by the Mindanao Economic Boom (MEB) discovered the #1 livable city in Mindanao is Davao City (97.3% of total votes). However, Cagayan de Oro came in second place with 96.7%.

Uptown CDO is the most ideal place to be billeted solo or with your family. The real estate industry is alive and kicking with residential developments here and there. Likewise, the options of accommodations are varied–from residential buildings to townships and gated communities.

Speaking of livability, Cagayan de Oro won the 2014’s Livable Cities Design Challenge. The city’s excellent urban planning that integrates disaster-resistant structures and facilities is the main factor considered by the organizers, National Competitiveness Council (NCC) and USAid (United States Agency for International Development), and judges.

Expatriates and retirees, not to mention, chose to have their prolonged respite here–something the locals should ponder. For one, an expat can live comfortably with Php10,000 to Php25,000 monthly budget. More is needed if you (an expat) wants to explore CDO and attend beach parties organized by the expat community.

Cagayan de Oro is the gateway to other destinations in the South.

Exploring Cagayan de Oro in itself is an adventure because of its popular and best-kept tourist destinations. It has plenty of natural wonders. Kagay, for example, means river. Did you know that CDO is the whitewater rafting capital of the Philippines

Nevertheless, the place is also a gateway to other key destinations. In fact, an hour to a few hours of traveling from the city proper to any direction possible takes you to another destination.

Iligan City where you will see the natural wonders especially the waterfalls, Bukidnon to taste the sweetest pineapple, and Camiguin Island to marvel at the world-class dive sites are three of these places. In Bukidnon, one will find mountains that are almost reaching the sky and the longest zipline in Asia.

About 45-minutes away from Cagayan de Oro is Initao, a Boracay-like destination minus the crowd. What makes the place different is the jaded cliffs in addition to white sand and turquoise water. There are budget-friendly and luxury beach resorts on the island to choose from.

Cagayan de Oro is a place full of adventures.

Shooting a dozen of big and small rapids alone can unleash the thrill-seeker in you. Add the unpredictability of the water, and the excitement will inevitably escalate. There is nothing like it even if you’ve already experienced water rafting before. It is not for the faintest of hearts because of both the watercourses and intensity of the rapids. Nonetheless, there are many other activities to do here.

If you want to experience water fun, you need to go to Seven Seas Waterpark and Resort. The waterpark has a Carribean-theme and boasts of its rollercoaster-like slides. The resort also has a kiddie area with a colorful shipwrecked feature where the kids may play around.

Amaya View in Indang Hills is another attraction. It’s complex that offers rappelling, high ropes, trampolines, ziplines, ball pit, obstacle courses, and more. Viewing the CDO’s expanse is also possible through paragliding organized by Project Lupad. You’d be amazed to look at Azul infinity pool and, of course, the city from above.

Cagayan de Oro proactively addresses traffic problems.

If you are going to and fro places around Cagayan de Oro, it would be nice to travel safely and comfortably. One of the significant problems in Manila is traffic jams. CDO’s government, on the other hand, handles this issue quite efficiently. 

It is not to say that the numbers of vehicle owners in the city are not growing because it is. This is expected from an ever-developing city like Cagayan de Oro. However, the local Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) implemented Oplan Hapsay Dalan. Traffic enforcers are trained to warn and apprehend those who are not obeying traffic laws as well as traffic signs and hand signals. They also have the power to get rid of sidewalk vendors.

Nevertheless, the motorelas contribute to easing out the traffic jams. Jeepneys, vans, and motorelas are the primary modes of transport in CDO. The locals prefer to ride the motorelas, however. These are tricycle-like utility vehicles than can carry up to 10 passengers.

Cagayan de Oro has an international airport.

That is the second busiest airport in Northern Mindanao, Laguindingan International Airport, with flights in key cities in the Philippines. For instance, a one-way trip to Cebu or Dumaguete only takes 30 minutes or so.

Also, more and more airline companies are choosing to have flights to and fro CDO, seeing the city’s potential. It only signals the growing economic and tourism opportunities, especially that investors are typically shying away from doing business in various parts of Mindanao.

The Regional Development Council (RDC), together with the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority, is working to make Laguindingan Airport what it intends to do in the first place–an international airport. Improvements and expansions are on the rollout including the terminal building and runway.

This must be seen as crucial for Cagayan de Oro as it serves not just expatriates and retirees, but also balikbayans or returning overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). The same applies to residents who want to visit their relatives in other parts of the country. A one-way flight from CDO to Manila would take approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.


House and lot for sale CDO

Despite the negative perception of the people about living in Mindanao, it has one redeeming factor: Cagayan de Oro. Residential developments abound in this part of Mindanao. House and lot units are available from Php2.7 million. The available floor areas are from 28 to 65 sqm., making them ideal for singles, couples, young families, and growing families.